Operator: BD SENSORS s.r.o.

  1. Name of the discharging country or countries

Czech Republic together with the United States of America

  1. Appropriate space object identification or registration number

BDSat-2, COSPAR ID: 2023-001CT, NORAD ID: 55098

  1. Date and territory or launch site

3 January 2023, United States of America, Florida, Cape Canaveral (Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, launch pad SLC-40)

  1. Basic orbit data

(a) orbital period

94.91 min

(b) inclination of the orbit

97.486 degrees

(c) apogee

533 km

(d) perigee

509 km

  1. General function of a space object

BDSat-2 is a 1U CubeSat satellite. The BDSAT project aims to support the amateur radio community with several HAM services and activities. The secondary objective is to validate a prototype pressure measuring device and verify the functionality of this technology in open space conditions. The function of the measurement itself, its feasibility and suitability for use in satellites under space conditions will be verified. The second part of the technology experiment is to verify the use of supercapacitors as a modern solution for energy storage in satellites.