Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav, a.s.

Průmyslový subjekt Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry (ALV)Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (SPČR)

Česká republika
Beranových 130
Praha 199 05

gsm: +420 725 746 513
email: space@vzlu.cz


VZLU is a national center for research, development and testing in aeronautics and space. The primary mission of VZLU is to pursue fundamental industrial research and experimental development. Results and new knowledge generated by R&D activities are disseminated by publication, knowledge transfer or educational activities. In addition, VZLU supports the industry by providing engineering and testing services necessary for the development of new products.

Competences and capabilities

Space activities of VZLU are concentrated in the Space Division.

The Space division focuses on research and development in the field of complete Space missions and Space technologies, its focus is on technologies applicable to the space segment of small satellites and the associated services and capabilities required for them. The division also includes a section focused on complete research, development, and production of composite materials for use in Aviation, Space, and other areas.

  • Turnkey Space Missions with Small Satellites for LEO
  • Strategic consultations for Space applications
  • Research and development project for Space missions and subsystems
  • Electronical and Software development
  • Environmental testing
  • Ground Stations and Mission operation activities
  • Integration to Spacecraft – for various types of payloads

Major Space Projects & References

  • Quvik – Small Satellite mission for Astrological prospections with UV telescope
  • Ambic – Small Satellite EO mission for state users from Czech Republic
  • Swarm – design and manufacturing of three micro-accelerometer units for 3 ESA EO satellites
  • D3S – Nanosatellites for Space weather, cooperation on phases 0 and A
  • Proba 3 – supplied front door assembly for ASPIICS chronograph

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

Software (licenses of the following SW tools are owned by VZLU)

  • CATIA, Autodesk Inventor
  • Nastran (MSC, NEi, Autodesk), Altair hyperworks, FEMAP, Ansys
  • Matlab
  • C, C++
  • Valispace

Clean rooms

  • ISO 8 - 39.6 m2
  • ISO 6 - 33.1 m2


  • Thermal vacuum chamber (<10-3 Pa, 1 meter cubic, temperature from -120°C to +150°C)
  • Vacuum tunnel (<10-3 Pa, 10m length)
  • Shock Table (10000 gSRS)
  • Shakers (max. weight of the specimen under test 350 kg, usable frequency range 1 - 3000 Hz, peak sine force 22.2 kN, max. RMS random force 22.2 kN, peak shock force 66.7 kN, max. velocity 2 ms-1, max acceleration 600 ms-2


  • Quality assurance certificate (LRQA) ISO 9001:2015.

Contact person

Eliška Hotovcová
Project Manager

tel: +420 225 115 331
gsm: +420 724 824 895
email: space@vzlu.cz