TTS, s.r.o.

Průmyslový subjekt Czech Space Alliance (CSA)

Česká republika
Novodvorská 994 / 138
Praha 4 142 00

tel: +420 239 042 545


TTS (Thin Film Technological Service) is a small privately owned Czech company providing comprehensive service in the field of thin film deposition by PVD technologies and in the field of radiation analysis for space applications.

Competences and capabilities

TTS specialises in custom-made thin films for electronic and optical applications, thin film metallization and production of thin film components. It has more than 50 years of experience in design, development and production of thin films for which it uses the technology of magnetron sputtering, ion beam etching and UV photolithography.

In recent years its space related activities have focused on the development of coatings for the enhancement of properties of composite materials and on the use of trace moisture sensors in space. Some of its products (HAL2 moisture sensors and coatings) have recently been experimentally verified on board of VZLUSAT-1 nanosatellite.

Products and services

  • Thin film technologies – deposition of wide range of metallic and non-metallic thin films, photolithographic patterning of thin films, ion beam surface treatment
  • Moisture sensors – comprehensive solutions for trace moisture detection using TTS HAL sensors for both space and ground applications
  • Radiation analysis – computer simulations of transport of particles through matter with the focus on space radiation environment and its effects on spacecraft

Major Space Projects & References

  • Design and Testing of Far and Medium Ultraviolet Coatings (2020 - 2022); Prime contractor: TTS, s.r.o.; funded by ESA
  • Space radiation capabilities, technologies and platforms for small spacecraft and CubeSats (2018 - 2022); Prime contractor: Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o.; funded by ESA
  • Qualification of Shielding Applied to Structural Panel for JUICE (2014 – 2016); Prime contractor: 5M s.r.o.; funded by ESA
  • Experimental verification of space products and technologies on nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1 (2013 - 2017); Principal Investigator: Czech Aerospace Research Centre, a.s.; Funded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • PVD – 4 sputtering and ion beam devices
  • Photolithography and wet processes
  • Metrology – characterisation of thin films and calibration of moisture sensors
  • Electronics laboratory
  • Workplace of computer simulations for radiation analysis
  • ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Contact person

Ing. Lenka Mikuličková
Managing Director

tel: +420 239 042 716