ThunderFly s.r.o.

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Česká Republika
U Jatek 19
Soběslav 39201

tel: +420 797 727 718


ThunderFly is a Czech company specializing in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles designed to operate in unfavorable weather conditions. The main products are modifiable autogyro carriers with excellent stability in any weather.

Competences and capabilities

  • Industrial usage of 3D printing
  • R&D of Avionics
  • Flight software
  • Autopilot algorithms

Major Space Projects & References

The main projects of ThunderFly s.r.o. are unmanned autogyros and supporting ecosystems.

Autogyro carriers

  • TF-G2 - Autogyro carrier development kit
  • TF-G1 - Modular autogyro for adverse weather

Atmospheric measurement technologies

  • TF-ATMON -  Technology to Measurements of a variety of atmospheric quantities (solid particles, radiation, gases, contamination, temperature, humidity, etc.)

Supporting avionics components

  • Airspeed sensors
  • RPM meters
  • Bus extenders, communication equipment
  • Galileo enabled GNSS receivers

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Propeller and motor test bed
  • Rotor dynamics test bed
  • 3D printed materials strength testing equipment

Contact person

Lavríková Petra

gsm: +420 797 727 718