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SpaceKnow empowers decision-makers with ultra-large- scale planetary analysis. Our secret? A proprietary, AI- powered analytics engine, combined with the world’s most comprehensive collection of earth observation imagery. Our mission is to train machines to analyze satellite images to generate insights and to provide actionable intelligence. Our AI-driven platform unlocks the power and potential of geospatial analysis. SpaceKnow is pioneering the use of space-based data that nowcasts the trends of the global economy and business activity and provides insights to financial markets, businesses, defense, government, and not-for-profits.

Competences and capabilities

We offer analytics as a service: a fully automated and scalable cloud solution of any Area of Interest for a variety of objectives:
  • Economic indexes (production monitoring)
  • National security and safety
  • Construction sites oversee
  • Military operations (uncommon target detection)
  • Industrial facility analysis
  • Disaster site damage assessment
  • Environmental changes
  • Agricultural production
  • Natural resources (e.g., coal storage, oil, water)


We apply image processing, computer vision techniques, machine learning, and deep neural networks to provide:
  • Generalized change detection using both optical and SAR data
  • Online object detection and count estimations
  • Scene semantic segmentation into regions of interest
  • Estimation of economic trends and design of econometric indexes
  • Alerting & monitoring capability of any area of interest using near-real-time access to the world's most comprehensive collection of earth observation imagery

Major Space Projects & References

Top leading financial, industrial and defense players are among our key customers worldwide.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

SpaceKnow utilizes cutting edge technology both in software and hardware domain and highly skilled researchers and data scientists in order to deliver our customers with actionable intelligence.
Our software solutions reflect the latest and most efficient trends within the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence fields, while our cooperation with leading providers of satellite data ensure up- to-date and high-quality imagery.

Contact person

Jerry Javornický