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Serco Czech Republic is a Czech company belonging to Serco Group, the public services expert employing more than 50,0000 people specialising in the delivery of essential public services and managing over 500 contracts worldwide. In Czech Republic, Serco operates since 2020 with space being the core business.

Competences and capabilities

Serco’s teams of engineers, consultants and operations specialists support a wide range of space and ground activities: from data archiving and exploitation, data processing; to systems design, operation and maintenance; data production quality control; and the scientific and technical support for EO satellite data exploitation projects. In addition, as part of our user-facing functions, we provide specialised EO Helpdesk and Service desk. Beyond Serco Czech Republic, our European Space portfolio offers programme management and end-to-end service delivery across a wide range of activities in the Space domain, from developing, launching and operating satellites, to processing data and developing applications. Alongside satellite operations, Serco is a key actor in the domain of Earth Observation data, implementing and operating one of the largest data dissemination services worldwide, providing complete, free and open access to Copernicus Sentinel data, enabling more than 350,000 users to utilise data to meet their needs.


  • Operational services and engineering support to satellite missions
  • Real time and ground segment operations
  • Software and system engineering,
  • Data processing and dissemination
  • User and IT support services

Major Space Projects & References

Our employees play an important role in supporting prestigious European programmes, such as the EGNSS and EU Copernicus programmes, where Serco Czech Republic provides key services for EUSPA to ensure the Market Uptake of EU Space Data and provides Operations and Evolution of Data Access and User Support Services to the European Space Agency as part of a Serco-led consortium.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates


Contact person

Jacopo Ovarelli

gsm: +420 773 062 682