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Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o. (RITE) belongs to the Rigaku Corporation group (Tokyo, Japan). RITE is European center of excellence for the design, development and manufacturing of X-ray optics, X-ray detectors and X-ray sources, as well as other related scientific products for industry and research.

Competences and capabilities

RITE expertise and experience focuses on various optical technologies (especially replicated and Multi-Foil X-ray Optics), X-ray imaging and X-ray sources. RITE and its specialists can, due their long experience, test facilities and measurement devices, offer consultations and expertise in these fields.


  • X-ray optics (Lobster Eye, Kirkpatrick-Baez system, ellipsoidal, parabolic and Wolter I optics)
  • X-ray detectors

Major Space Projects & References

  • VZLUSAT2 mission - X-ray optical payload equipped with Rigaku X-ray Optics and miniaturized TimePix detector with CdTe sensor (www.vzlusat2.cz)
  • VZLUSAT1 mission - Experimental verification of space products and technologies on nanosatellite (www.vzlusat1.cz)
  • Wide X-ray System for X-ray imaging with detector Timepix – rocket experiments (assembled at Penn State University), co-operation with CTU
  • Space radiation capabilities, technologies and platforms for small spacecraft and CubeSats (SR-CTP) - the second-generation Czech CubeSat was built at the QEM level which includes radiation composite shielding, X-ray optics telescope coupled to a pixel detector Timepix as X-ray focal plane detector, and outgassing sensors
  • Novel X-ray Optics Technologies for ESA X-ray Astrophysics Missions – ESA PECS Applications of Kirkpatrick Baez Imaging Systems in Space – co-operation with Colorado, Iowa University and CTU

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • AFM, SEM and confocal microscope
  • Contact profilometer
  • Software for design and ray-tracing of X-ray optics for space and laboratory applications
  • X-ray optical test bench
  • X-ray optical vacuum test bench
  • Laboratory equipment for X-ray detectors and X-ray optics characterization

Contact person

doc. Ing. Ladislav Pína, Dr.Sc.

gsm: +420 603 253 864
email: ladislav.pina@rigaku.com