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ProjectSoft is an automation and engineering company focused on technology processes, information and robotic systems. Our customers are prestigious scientific institutes, space agencies and different industries all over the world.

Competences and capabilities

ProjectSoft belongs among the top suppliers of automatic technology processes, information and robotic systems. Our customers are industrial enterprises and scientific institutes. The essential part of our activities is implemented in the food industry. We own and create our know-how for the robotization and control of astronomical devices. We have developed and have been improving our system for the visualization of technological processes. We supply entirely new technologies and also provide reconstructions and refurbishments of existing technologies or their parts. We provide a wide range of services – from machinery equipment design and supply, energy distribution systems, through automation parts up to information systems. Yet our work doesn’t end with the project’s delivery.


  • Feasibility studies, creation of visions
  • Supplies of complete technology
  • Supplies of parts of technology and apparatuses
  • Reconstructions and modernisation
  • Supplies of measuring and regulation devices and electro devices
  • Energy optimisation
  • Technological engineering
  • Development and creation of software equipment
  • Training of operators and specialist staff
  • Service provided by our non-stop help desk

Major Space Projects & References

  • Four 2-meter telescopes made by Carl Zeiss Jena were robotized by our company.
  • Robotization of 1,54m Danish telescope - full reconstruction and remote control of the Danish 1.5m telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. The telescope is remotely controlled from Europe, without any on-site presence of
  • Robotization of OGS 1m telescope The main objective of the project was to extend and improve the precision of tracking of objects moving in the vicinity of the Earth. That includes not only active artificial satellites but also satellite debris and small solar system bodies. The project results can be used for related purposes – for example in ground stations for Meteosat of the 3rd generation, GMES satellites or optical ground stations.
  • ProjectSoft´s fully robotized observatory BluEye 600 is an ultra-speed Alt/Az installation (speed of moving is up to 90°/sec) telescope with a diameter of the mirror of 0.6m. The installation which is exclusively based on industrial components including PLC Beckhoff is equipped with the most modern direct-drive control. The complete equipment can serve not only for astronomy but also for example for watching gamma flashes, for laser terminals or telemeters, for searching cosmic dust/satellites and so on.
  • Robotization of ESO 1,52m telescope on La Silla observatory in Chile. The project is part of the PLATO Spec ground-based support for exoplanetary space missions.
  • The control system for the William Hershel telescope is the biggest project of our astronomy department. The telescope mirror diameter is 4.2 m, its size was the third largest at the time of its construction and is still the second largest in Europe. The telescope building is on La Palma island, close to the peak Roque de Los Muchachos. The project goal was to replace the very old control system of the telescope, mainly the control of all telescope motors. The part of the delivery was, among control cabinets, cabling, software and project also very complicated commissioning and tuning of all motors and their controllers, caused by the very high demands for the telescope accuracy.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Certificates: ISO9001

Contact person

Ing. Tomáš Turek

tel: +420 495 052 153