North-Bohemian Observatory and Planetarium in Teplice

Akademický subjekt

Koperníkova 3062
Teplice 415 01



Teplice Observatory is a part of the North-Bohemian Observatory and Planetarium in Teplice (NBOPT). NBOPT is a non-profit organisation funded by the Usti Region and is primarily focused on popularisation of astronomy and science. The observatory is located atop of the Sand Hill situated in the southeast part of the North-Bohemian town Teplice with a moderate light pollution and almost unobstructed view of the whole sky.

Competences and capabilities

In research, the Teplice Observatory is focused on observations of artificial satellites and space debris, astrometry of minor bodies in the Solar System and occultations of stars by asteroids. The Southeast dome of the Teplice Observatory is equipped with the Sand Hill Optical Telescope (SHOT). The SHOT sensor is dedicated to the ESA SST activities based mainly on the ESA contracts and it will contribute to the upcoming EU SST programme.


- astrometry and photometry of artificial satellites and space debris (all orbits including GEO, MEO, LEO, HEO)

Major Space Projects & References

- SSA P2-SST-X: Support Observations and Sensor Qualification

- SSA P3-SST-III: Robotic Telescopes Demonstration

- SSA P3-SST-XIX SST: Sensor Data Acquisition for Endurance Tests and Validation - Phase 2

- SSA S2P S1-SC-09: Support of the development of sensors, joint test and operation of a European Optical Network

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Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

- The Sand Hill Optical Telescope (SHOT sensor): 0.43-m f/6.8 corrected Dall-Kirkham telescope (Planewave CDK17), precise German equatorial mount (10micron 3000HPS), scientific CMOS camera Kepler FL4040, 0.66x focal reducer, the resulting FOV 64 x 64 arcminutes (1.1 square degree), GPS E 13 50 48.2, N 50 38 18.0, 275 m MSL.

- A major SHOT sensor upgrade to a 0.6-m f/3 system with FOV 1.8 x 1.8 degrees is planned for 2023.

Contact person

RNDr. Zdeněk Moravec, Ph.D
Responsible for space and ESA projects

tel: +420 417 576 571
gsm: +420 604 944 523