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Founded in 1991, MCE Slaný s.r.o. is the largest steel structure construction company in the Czech Republic. Specializing in bridges, heavy steel construction, and large-scale weldments, MCE Slaný is a subsidiary of the Austrian HABAU GROUP. MCE is dedicated to meeting our customer requirements in steel structure construction with customized, individual solutions. MCE Slaný is an expert, all-in-one general contractor whose Hi-Tech projects include deliveries of Airbus assembly and handling products, supply of aerodynamic and aero-acoustic tunnels for Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and delivering on demanding, non-traditional projects for both assembly and production.

Competences and capabilities

We manufacture reliable and high-quality steel structures and our proven best-practices, advanced production technologies, and highly-qualified professional workforce ensure compliance and satisfaction from start to finish. We specialize in medium and heavy steel construction with materials up to 690 MPa, including special steels such as HARDOX. We deliver comprehensive project security from technical support and equipment development to all stages of construction, including oversized transport, assembly, and installation. Our customers, Airbus, ABB, and Siemens are world leaders in innovation and technology.

Major Space Projects & References

All-inclusive production of the deflector shield for the ELA 4 Launch Ramp of the Ariane 6. Weighing ca. 650 tons, plus ca. 120 tons in parts, MCE Slaný developed or assisted in every stage of the project including but not limited to: • Device development (and calculations) • 3D model production • Production

  • Deflector shield assembly and water-cooling system performance
  • Metallizing all components via hot-dip galvanizing
  • Finish coat
  • Overseas packaging
  • Transport
  • Final assembly (Kourou, French Guiana)
  • Manufacture and supply of Toolox spare parts

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • 10,000 tonnes of steel structures per year
  • 440,000 hours of production capacity per year
  • 35,600 m2 of production area
  • 3 paint shops
  • Maximum parts manufactured dimensions (100 tons, 30 x 7 x 4.5m)
  • Staff and devices for NDT testing UT, MT, PT, all level 2
  • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • BS OHSAS 18001 • EN ISO 3842-2, EN 1090-1, -2 EXC -4 • EN 15085 CL -1 M

Contact person

Ing. Igor Chorovský
Responsible for space and ESA projects

tel: +420 312 510 104
gsm: +420 724 106 243