Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, CTU Prague

Akademický subjekt

Husova 240/5
Praha 1 110 00

tel: +420 244 105 100


The IEAP is a research institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague dealing with radiation detection and nuclear physics.

Competences and capabilities

Main area of activity is R&D of semiconductor detectors and advanced instrumentation for radiation detection, novel methods of radiation imaging and spectroscopy and their applications in different fields such as medical imaging, material sciences and space. We also provide gamma-ray and neutron sources for calibration of space detectors.


  • Miniature low-power radiation monitor HardPix for high-resolution detection, visualization and characterization of mixed radiation fields in space. Provides particle species, flux, energy spectra and doserate.
  • Miniature low-power neutron spectrometer Neutron HardPix for localization of subsurface hydrogen in lunar regolith onboard rovers.
  • Testing and calibration of Gamma-ray and Neutron detectors/payloads.

Major Space Projects & References

  • Miniature quantum dosimeters onboard the ISS, visualization and detailed dosimetry of radiation inside the station. Five units deployed in 2012.
  • SATRAM radiation monitor onboard ESA Proba-V, in operation since 2013 for high-sensitivity detection and monitoring of the mixed radiation field in LEO. Cooperation with BD Sensors.
  • Imaging detector for X-ray telescope onboard the Czech VZLUSAT-1 launched in 2017.
  • RISEPix radiation monitor onboard the Japanese RISESAT launched in 2019.
  • Two HardPix radiation monitors as part of ESA ERSA onboard the Lunar Gateway. Planned launch in 2024.
  • Magnetic spectrometer PAN for measurement of high-energy particles up to 20 GeV in deep space.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Accelerator VdG (p, d, ESA-compliant source of taggedneutrons).
  • 2 ESA-compliant sources for testing of gamma-ray sensitive devices/payloads.
  • Clean room class ISO 5.
  • Central detection and analytical lab equipped with HPGe detectors, Si, GaAs and CdTe pixel detectors.

Contact person

Mgr. Robert Filgas, Ph.D.
Responsible for space and ESA projects

gsm: +420 775 868 789