Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences

Akademický subjekt

Zamek 1
Průhonice 252 43

tel: +420 271 015 211


The Institute of Botany carries out research at the level of species, populations, and plant communities. It specifically focuses on biodiversity and evolutionary trends among plants, the invasive behaviour of species, responses of plants and vegetation to environmental changes and the coexistence of various species in the ecosystem. Our applied research focuses on biotechnology, biofuels, bioindication and revitalisation.

Competences and capabilities

Space biology

- evaluation of the physiological status of photosynthetic (micro)organisms

- studies of adaptation/acclimatisation mechanisms to various stresses

Regenerative life support systems

- algal mass cultivations

- mycorrhizal symbioses

- growth characteristics and primary production measurements

- algal assays and cyanotoxine detection

- bioremediation and revitalisation


- isolation, cultivation, and characterisation of extremophilic phototrophic (micro)organisms

- detection of limits of survival

- studies of adaptation/acclimatisation mechanisms to various stresses

- in situ ecophysiological measurements in extreme environments

- biological samples on student stratospheric balloons

Major Space Projects & References

ArtEMISS - Arthrospira sp. gene Expression and mathematical Modelling on cultures grown in the International Space Station

CAREX – Coordination Action for Research Activities on Life in Extreme Environments

Evaluation of effects of radiation on algae and cyanobacteria

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates


Contact person

tel: + 420 384 721 156