Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

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Bocni II 1401
Praha 4 141 31

tel: +420 272 764 336


The Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IAP) is a public research institution oriented toward research of the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth, ionospheres and magnetospheres of planets of the Solar system, and of the solar wind. Areas of expertise are related to space research in the domains of space plasma physics and space weather, including design and development of scientific instruments, in-situ experimental measurements, data analysis, theory, and numerical simulations.

Competences and capabilities


Major Space Projects & References

  • The Solar Orbiter probe (ESA): Development and implementation of the Time Domain Sampler module for Radio and Plasma Wave instrument.
  • JUICE space probe (ESA): Wave analyzer and onboard processing module for low-frequency electromagnetic waves at Jupiter and its icy moons. Co-Principal Investigator of the Radio and Plasma Waves Instrument.
  • TARANIS satellite (CNES): Development and implementation of a fast wave analyzer for the IME-HF instrument.
  • ExoMars 2022 probe (ESA): Principal Investigator of the Wave Analyzer Module.
  • Comet Interceptor Probe (ESA): Development and implementation of the Dust Analyzer & Processing Unit (DAPU).
  • Vigil space weather mission (ESA): Development and implementation of the Data Processing Unit.
  • Athena X-ray telescope (ESA): contribution to the hardware electronics of the X-ray Integral Field Unit.
  • LISA gravitational wave mission (ESA): contribution to the hardware electronics of the Fibre Switch Unit Actuator
  • Analysis of data from instruments where IAP personnel participate as Co-Investigators or collaborators in scientific teams (ESA/Cluster, NASA/Polar, NASA/Stereo, CNES/DEMETER, ESA/Double Star, NASA/Themis, NASA/Van Allen Probes, NASA/Cassini, NASA/Juno, JAXA/Arase).
  • Spacecraft telemetry reception at the Panska Ves station.
  • Ground-based measurements related to space research: A digital ionosonde, continuous Doppler sounding systems, broadband electromagnetic measurements of lightning discharges.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Electronics laboratory for development of spacecraft instrumentation;
  • Vibration testing device;
  • Thermal chamber;
  • Vacuum chamber;
  • ISO 7 clean room with thermal chamber;
  • Faraday cage;
  • Computer equipment including data storage.

Contact person

prof. RNDr. Ondrej Santolik, Dr.
Responsible for space and ESA projects

tel: +420 267 103 083