Inpraise systems s.r.o.

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Czech Republic
Bratří Hlaviců 80
Vsetín 755 01

gsm: +420 603 780 849


Inpraise systems is primarily focused on small-series production and prototyping of high-speed electric rotating machine systems and subsystems for special and demanding applications. Inpraise systems offers product development and engineering development services for energetics, automotive, HVAC, cryogenics, and space industries. The Inpraise systems’ bearing technology and the high-speed rotating machine technology heritage date to 1976. The Inpraise systems’ team combines an enduring passion for new space applications and abundant experience in this field. We work with young and experienced specialists who create unique technological competencies in the capital of South Moravia, Brno and in Vsetín. The company also closely cooperates with the Brno University of Technology (BUT). Inpraise systems is among the founding members of the Brno Space Cluster – the first cluster in the Czech Republic focused on commercial space activities.

Competences and capabilities

Machine systems:

  • High-speeded electric pumps, compressors, turbines (including turbochargers)
  • High-speed electric motors
  • Variable-frequency drive (VFD) power inverters
Components and sub-systems:
  • Fluid bearings (gas bearings, ultra-low viscosity bearings, aerostatic bearings)
  • Shaft sealings (dynamic sealings, static bearings, hybrid bearings)
  • High-frequency high-speed motor elements (stators, rotors)
  • Integrated work stages (pumps, compressors, turbines)
  • Power electronics, motor controllers, power management electronics, control firmware
Engineering competencies:
  • CAD modelling
  • Mechanical engineering (rotordynamics, bearing design, concept design, hydraulic design)
  • Electric motor design
  • Electrical engineering (power electronics, control electronics, FPGA design, prototyping, production)
  • Numerical analysis (CFD analysis, FEM static and dynamic analyses)
  • Test engineering (machine vibration analysis, tribological analysis, finite element analysis, optical structural analysis)
  • Systems engineering
  • Project management & product assurance

Major Space Projects & References

European Space Agency

  • Development of MON/MMH e-pumps for a storable 6kN rocket engine
Nammo Raufoss AS
  • Development of MON/MMH e-pumps for deep throttling 2 – 7kN rocket engine (EL3)
European Space Agency (w. Thales Alenia Space)
  • Development of Ammonia Pump Package for thermal loop of large satellites

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Multidisciplinary engineering office
  • Electronics workshop
  • Mechanical & test laboratory
  • High-speed motor stators production facility

Contact person

Petr Váňa
Space Systems Development Manager

gsm: +420 734 325 925