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Huld is a European technology design house with over 450 employees and 11 offices in Finland and the Czech Republic. With us, you build intelligent solutions that last for tomorrow – and beyond. Huld offers an internationally unique combination of software and product development expertise. We bring more intelligence to our customers’ business – and to the entire world. We always work for a more intelligent future, and care about the world around us.

Competences and capabilities

Huld has attracted the best experts experienced with providing high-reliability software solutions for many of Europe’s most ambitious space missions and customers like Airbus D&S or OHB. Our purpose is to provide technological design expertise to our customers on their journey beyond tomorrow, safely & securely. By combining design thinking, agile methodologies, and technological insights we help our clients to reach the next level of their product development. We digitalise industries and business operations and support our clients in their next generation product development by designing and developing usable, sustainable, and intelligent equipment, all this by ensuring their compliance to the strictest safety requirements. We have broad experience with ESA projects but also new space projects focusing on embedded software, GNSS technologies or ISVV.

Products and Services

  • Onboard Software
  • Onboard Data Processing
  • Ground Processing
  • Independent Software Validation and Verification
  • Test Software & Simulations
  • Development & Validation Services
  • Space Security
  • Mechanical Engineering

Major Space Projects & References

  • Milani CubeSat is part of deep space mission Hera. The CubeSat will be deployed at Didymos/Dimorphos binary asteroid system. It will operate autonomously for 3-6 months near the asteroid and capture scientific data including hyperspectral images. We are responsible for On-Board Software and Data Processing Unit development. The DPU fulfills industry standards as well as includes experimental AI algorithms to measure image quality. The AI is optimized for reliable operation in deep space missions.
  • HERA AI FDIR project’s goal is to design and develop AI-based failure detection application. The AI will be deployed on Hera OBC and allow faster and better anomaly detection and prediction. The AI is optimized to run in limited resources provided by Leon platform.
  • The TIIRA project addresses the first step towards the standalone GNSS/Galileo receiver with open-source solution and resulted in a Minimum Viable Product and a commercially viable solution for cooperative navigation targeted to a premium mass market.
  • Orbitcon is a full-fledged mission control system (MCS) customized for SmallSats. It offers standard interfaces and easy mission instantiation. The service is hosted in a cloud environment, accessible globally, with all tools needed to cover a whole lifecycle of a mission. To enable quick expansion of the service, we will encourage the connection of existing Ground Stations (GS) via predefined interfaces, i.e. Space Link Extension (SLE). In parallel, we develop a modular reference design that can be used for a nascent Ground Stations (GS). The design covers VHF, UHF, and S-BANDs and is available as an open architecture too. The reference GS design guarantees seamless integration with our MCS.
  • Plato the PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars mission. Huld is the Spacecraft Software Prime in a consortium led by OHB.
  • BIOMASS Support CSW - Biomass was selected as the 7th Earth Explorer mission to reduce uncertainty in the worldwide spatial distribution and dynamics of forest Biomass to improve current assessment and future projection of the global carbon cycle. Huld was involved in the development of Payload management within CSW and responsible for the development of software components and software support.
  • Sentinel-4 UVN – The Sentinel-4 mission is a part of the COPERNICUS programme, whose overall objective is to support Europe’s goals regarding sustainable development and the global governance of the environment. We participated in the implementation of a validation test for MIL-STD-1553B data bus (Milbus), the main bus for command and control of instrumentation and platform units.
  • BepiColombo ISVV - BepiColombo is Europe’s first mission to Mercury. Our engineers participated in ISVV of three of those components - central software, failure control electronics and solid-state mass memory.
  • Sentinel-4 L1bPP - The S4 UVN L1b Prototype Processor (L1bPP) project aims to develop an L1b prototype data processing software (a data processor). Huld engineers participated in the core development team.
  • SCA - The MetOp-SG Scatterometer was a follow-up to the MetOp ASCAT and a wind mode of the Active Microwave Instrument (AMI) on the ESA Earth Remote Sensing satellites ERS-1 and ERS- 2. Huld developed the DCU ASW together with the Prime (Airbus DS). Implementation, including Detail Design, Coding and extended Unit testing, was done at Huld premises.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates


Contact person

Tomáš Cinert
Head of Space

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