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Gisat is committed to supporting sustainable living and using Earth resources by providing innovative information services that enable us to make better decisions about our environment. We transform complex remote sensing data into insights ready to serve your decision making and to embed geospatial dimension in your own businesses.

Competences and capabilities

Gisat is the first privately run geo-information service in Czechia. We act globally and provide solutions in a wide range of thematic application domains. Combining remote sensing, artificial intelligence and big data analytics we operate a complete value-chain to unleash the power of Earth Observation data at one place. Our online platform solutions introduce ready-to-use spatial data exploration tools and integrate them into clients’ decision-making mechanisms. We provide our service and products to a diverse group of clients that includes international & financial Institutions, public & state authorities and businesses worldwide.



Operational agricultural monitoring and food production assessment serving farmers, industry, governments and agencies

Sustainable Urban Development

Geospatial solutions for livable and vibrant cities and regions

Geohazards Mapping And Monitoring

Risk assessment support via up-to-date information about hazard status and insight into its evolution in space and time

Utility And Infrastructure

Early identification of risks and support to planning, construction and maintenance of utility and infrastructure assets

Environmental Monitoring And Natural Accounting

Monitoring services providing critical support for our challenging commitments targeting the resilience of ecosystems and society

Major Space Projects & References

Dozens of research and commercial projects provided to industry, governments, public institutions and international agencies (ESA, EC, EEA, JRC, EUSC, World Bank, ADB, IADB).

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

The company is ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified to guarantee the quality of provided services and to reflect the responsibility in environmental impacts of its activities.

Contact person

Ing. Luboš Kučera
Managing Director

tel: +420 271 741 935