Frentech Aerospace s.r.o.

Průmyslový subjekt

Jarní 977/48
Brno 614 00

tel: +420 545 425 711


Production and delivery of parts and modules for aircraft and space industry, design and development of subsystems for the satellites, participation in ESA and ESO projects.

Competences and capabilities

Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. is a state of art company, very well equipped with modern and productive CNC machines, air-conditioned inspection room with three CMMs by Mitutoyo, Clean Room ISO 7 and ISO 5 with thermal testing chamber and CMM machine.

The company is focused on production of parts and assembled modules mostly for aircraft and space industry. Beside this line of business also delivers its products for demanding fields such as instrument technology, microelectronics, nanotechnology and radar technique, production of special machines, medicine and vacuum devices.

Recent development is focused on design, development and construction of subsystem for satellites and other subsystems for Space industry. In this field the company cooperates with Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defence and Space and ESA projects.

Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. cooperates with Technical universities and Czech academy of science and also with companies in Czech Republic and foreign companies.


  • Precision machining – delivery of precision part for satellites, launchers and aircrafts
  • Delivery of Solar Array Deployment Mechanisms
  • Delivery of specific structures (cryostat structures, components for optics systems)
  • Production and assembly of space mechanisms
  • Development of space mechanisms including deployment systems (ESA and commercial projects)
  • Testing activities (thermal-vacuum testing, geometrical, mechanical leak-proof, particulate and molecular control)
  • Application of tribological coatings for aerospace
  • Bake-out and thermal balance testing
  • Qualification of screws for space

Major Space Projects & References

  • Iridium NEXT, O3B/GB2
  • MTG
  • ExoMars
  • J-BOOM (ESA)
  • MetOp
  • VEGA launchers
  • Ariane launchers
  • E-pump for cryogenic rocket propellants
  • ATHENA Magnetic Diverter
  • Rotary Actuator for Space Applications

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

Key equipment:

Clean room ISO7/ISO5, thermal and thermal vacuum chamber, CMM, molecular and particulate evaluation, bake-out with TQCM monitoring, equipment for mechanical and functional testing of space mechanisms


  • ISO9001
  • AS9100 D
  • ISO14001
  • QSF-A (Airbus)
  • CQT 448 (Thales Alenia Space)

Contact person

Pavel Sobotka
Managing Director

tel: +420 545 425 710