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The Space Physics Laboratory (SPL) was established in 1990 but the space research activities date down to 1970. SPL participated in numerous projects in frame of the former Intercosmos activity. From 2007, SPL participates in ESA projects dealing with processes in the interplanetary space. The participation is oriented on the computer modeling of the detector systems, design of measuring process, onboard software for device control and data processing. Manufacturing of the mechanical parts and electronics is arranged by cooperation with external partners.

Competences and capabilities

SPL is oriented on the fundamental research of processes in space plasma and the R&D activities are strongly coupled to these topics. We are engaged in the development of ion and electron spectrometers and energetic particle detectors. This development is mainly focused on high-speed measurements in the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres.

Major Space Projects & References

  • PG1 – 1970, Intercosmos 3, exploration of radiation belts.
  • ESA – 1976, Intercosmos 17, energy spectrometer for magnetospheric plasma study
  • MONITOR – 1980, Prognoz 8, fast monitoring of the solar wind parameters
  • BIFRAM – 1985, INTERSHOCK mission, a complex plasma spectrometer for investigations of shock waves
  • MONITOR-3, VDP, MPS, VDPS - 1995/96, a complex of plasma spectrometers for four satellites of the INTERBALL mission
  • BMSW (Bright Monitor of the Solar Wind) – 2011, SPEKTR-R mission
  • SWA (Solar Wind Plasma Analyzer) – 2020, Solar Orbiter, detector unit for plasma spectrometer, in cooperation with IRAP, France
  • LEES – (Low Energy Electron Analyzer) – Comet Interceptor, front end electronics, launch planned for 2026, in cooperation with IRAP, France

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Facilities for computer simulation of detector systems
  • Experimental set up for investigations of space dust charging
  • Facility for vacuum tests equipped with UV source and electron and ion guns

Contact person

Prof. Jana Safrankova
Responsible for space and ESA projects

tel: +420 221 912 301
email: jana.safrankova@mff.cuni.cz