esc Aerospace s.r.o.

Průmyslový subjekt Czech Space Alliance (CSA)Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA/AOBP)Jiné či bez členství v asociaci

Nám. Dr. Václava Holého 1052/11
Prague 18000

tel: +420 284 683 784


esc Aerospace is a leader in the field of space qualified on-board hardware and software in Europe and is one of the leading SMEs in innovative R&D projects with a focus on Space and Defence.

esc Aerospace is experienced in the areas of Avionics, Autonomous Robotics, C-UAS and GNC systems.

Competences and capabilities

• On-board systems: Space Qualified flight software

• Avionics & Space Qualified On-board Computer (OBC, OBDH)

• Radiation monitors & sensor systems (lonizing radiation hardened detector payloads)

• Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) - QKDSat

• Applications: Secure & resilient communications leveraging SATCOM

• Test systems (EGSEs/SCOEs)

Major Space Projects & References

• TRITON-X – heavy platform satellites

• SpacePix® – radiation monitors

• Space Rider –  affordable and routine access to space

• LVICE2 –  study the yet unexplored dust clouds at Earth-Moon Lagrange points L4/L5 and the solar wind turbulence in the Lunar wake – esc Aerospace’s own Ambic mission to the Moon with 12U satellite

• ExoMars – SW verification and validation

• 5 generations of RPAS/UAS avionics – VTOL, microUAS, LMAMS

• Solar Orbiter – STIX Instrument On-board flight software

• SWARM ACCelerometer

• OBSW-RAC – Space qualified flight software: On-board software reference architecture consolidation. On-board software reuse in a systematic manner, following activities CorDeT and Domeng

• SENTINEL-4 – Performance Assessment Tool for the S4/UVN Instrument

• MTG – Meteosat Third Generation

• DOC – Demise Observation Capsule

• MetOp-SG – bootloaders

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

• esc Aerospace applies ECSS standards:

            • ECSS-E-ST-40C Space Engineering – Software

            • ECSS-E-ST-70C Ground systems and operations

            • ECSS-M-ST-80C Risk management

            • ECSS-Q-ST-20C Quality Assurance

            • ECSS-Q-ST-80C SW Product Assurance

• laboratory and manufacturing assembly room / factory 4.0., IoT., equipped with oscilloscopes, DAQ stations, spectral and data analysers, signal generators and soldering stations.

Contact person

Petr Suchánek
Managing Director

tel: +420 284 683 784