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gsm: +420 732 732 094
email: martin@daiteq.com


daiteq provides arithmetic extensions for optimal computation of floating-point as well as fixed-point arithmetic in LEON and NOEL-V processors, targetting areas of software-defined radio algorithms and image processing algorithms. Technology demos are available for the Xilinx, Microchip and NanoXplore FPGAs.

Competences and capabilities

  • Design and implementation of LEON and NOEL-V systems.
  • Implementation in NanoXplore, Microchip, Xilinx.
  • Floating-point computations. Support for GNSS processing in LEON2-FT and NOEL-V.
  • Hardware accelerators for image processing applications and other data-parallel applications.
  • Design of FPGA-based controllers.
  • Benchmarking of embedded processors and systems.


  • at SIMD-within-a-register (SWAR) extensions for LEON2-FT and NOEL-V. Target areas: GNSS, image processing, ANN, data encryption.
  • Floating-point unit for LEON2-FT, LEON3, NOEL-V. The daiteq FPU supports a variety of floating-point formats, including packed formats, configurable synthesis time.
  • llvm extensions for SPARC and RISC-V. The extensions support the daiteq floating-point unit and the SWAR unit in LEON and NOEL-V processors.
  • FMC-SRAM board for NanoXplore, Microchip and Xilinx FPGA demo boards.

Major Space Projects & References

  • TRP/ITI: Multi-threaded processor for space applications. Instruction set extensions for micro-threading in LEON2-FT
  • EO: METOP SG: Design review of the 3MI Filter Wheel Controller Design.
  • GSTP: ESA IP core extensions. Configurable floating-point and integer SIMD-unit for LEON2-FT and NOEL-V. Techmap for NanoXplore BRAVE FPGAs.
  • EO: AGGA-4 IP core conversion. Modification of the AGGA-4 IP core to suit FPGA targets.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates


Contact person

Ing. Martin Daněk, Ph.D.
Managing Director

gsm: +420 732 732 094
email: martin@daiteq.com