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tel: +420 482 465 080
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CUBE CZ is one of the leading manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards in the Czech Republic with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We are dedicated to partnering with and supporting our customers in developing printed circuit boards, especially for high-end applications. We take pride in the quality of our products and services. Our multilayer PCBs have been delivered to major European customers for over two decades. We are committed to the protection of the environment. We are in long-term relationships with major suppliers of materials and equipment in the industry.

Competences and capabilities

Our current production scheme mostly focuses on state-of-the-art prototype PCB express deliveries. We can make boards with controlled impedance, high-density interconnect (HDI), blind, buried, through-board vias, µBGA, and microwave-printed circuit boards. All of the above while we are using a wide range of substrate materials from Tg 135°C (FR4) through Tg 180°C (PCL370HR) to Tg 200°C (I-Tera MT40).

  • Printed circuit boards: single-sided, double-sided, multilayer (also for high-end applications)
  • Materials we use: Isola, Rogers, NAN YA, DE104F, IS400, IS410, G200, I-Tera MT40, RO4003C, RO4350B, PCL370HR
  • Base copper thickness: 5, 9, 18, 35, 70, 105, 210µm
  • Board thickness: 75µm through 5.00mm
  • Board dimensions: single and double-sided – 490×380mm, multilayer – 470×340mm
  • Smallest drilled hole diameter: through and buried – 0.12mm (0.05mm after via plating), blind – 0.12mm (conical tool) controlled depth (back) drilling
  • Smallest track width: 70µm
  • Smallest track spacing: 70µm
  • Maximum aspect ratio: 10:1
  • Controlled impedance: standards outer layers ±10%, standard inner layers ±10%
  • Finish: chemical gold – ENIG (Ni/Au), lead free HAL/HASL, immersion tin (Sn), peelable mask, carbon, hard electrolytic gold (for edge connectors)
  • Solder mask colours: green, blue, black, red, white, transparent (other options to be agreed)
  • Service print colours: white, black, yellow (other options to be agreed)
  • Edge machining: milling, milling with bridges, deep milling, metal-plated cutouts and edges, metal-plated castellated holes, V-scoring
  • Silkscreen stencils: etched or laser-cut, material thickness 100–250µm
  • Data formats: ODB++, Gerber 274x, Gerber, Excellon, DXF, PDF, EPS, Sieb & Meyer, IPC D-356A, IPC-D-356, IPC-2581-B, Eagle, and many others
  • Other services: PCB design, PCB assembly, putting artwork on film, silkscreen stencil production, metallographic cross-sectioning, X-ray inspection of surface features

Major Space Projects & References

Concerning the space industry and applications, we have been a supplier to Stellar Exploration EU s.r.o.

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

We are certified:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
  • UL 796 - STANDARD FOR PRINTED-WIRING BOARDS – Single layer printed wiring boards CZ-DS, Multilayer printed wiring board CZ-CM, CZ-ML
Our production technology consists of:
  • Registration – TARGOMAT III for automated registration of multilayer printed circuit boards
  • Lamination – Bürkle LAMV 125 automated lamination press system for multilayer printed circuit boards
  • Drilling – LENZ DLG 550 and SCHMOLL MXY2 188 CCD automated drilling machines
  • Horizontal processes – automated horizontal line for desmear hole cleaning, automated horizontal line for via plating with conductive polymer
  • Galvanic plating – Aqualine HDI 10 PCB automated rack line for galvanic plating
  • Photo processes – Schmoll Maschinen MDI-ST direct imaging system Orbotech LP-9008mHS laser photoplotter PICO SupraLight automated registration and exposure system
  • Photoresist developing equipment – SCHMID CombiLine automated developing system
  • Optical testing – Orbotech Discovery II 8200 automated optical inspection (AOI) system
  • Etching – RESCO E 1000 2R TFS-Flex automated alkaline etching line SCHMID InfinityLine automated alkaline etching line with vacuum exhaust – launched in April 2019
  • Electric testing – ATG – A5 automated flying probe PCB tester
  • Application of solder mask – Automated solder resist coating equipment with ECOSPRAY
  • Solder resist developing equipment – SCHMID CombiLine automated solder resist developing equipment
  • Surface finish – ENIG line PENTA 550 hot air leveling system for surface finish Chemical tin plating equipment for surface finish
  • V-Scoring, milling CNC scoring system LENZ RLG 615-2 automated milling cutter
  • Wastewater treatment plant State-of-the-art automated wastewater treatment plant with online control and monitoring

Contact person

Libor Stejskal
Business Development Advisor

tel: +420 482 465 080
gsm: +420 775 119 240