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CleverFarm addresses the challenge of helping to feed fast growing global population while the amount of available land for farming is reducing. In order to achieve materiel savings and yield increase, CleverFarm utilize in its unique way satellite data by long term historical analysis and continuous remote field scouting bolstered with IoT sensors and engaging analytics using artificial intelligence.

Competences and capabilities

In the domain of satellite data processing, we have created the crop model allowing us determine the real biophysical conditions of the plants anywhere on the earth and further expand the services in precise crop nutrition, yield estimation and early warnings of crop damages caused by human and natural conditions. In other words, we show them what is happening on their fields, before it become physically visible. Most of the competitors use the basic vegetation indexes which are limited in the quality of the information provided, we combines in situ observation with mobile laboratory analysis and using machine learning allowing us to determine real plant conditions such as biomass volume, chlorophyll and water content. Another service of using satellite data is providing farmers analysis of 20 years satellite data history to identify what crops they should grow to achieve the highest possible yields. And we do this while lowering their original resources. CleverFarm bolsters this historic data with IoT sensors - providing realtime information about the humidity, temperature, soil moisture and other critical information to improve crop yields. Farmers are able to use this data to predict pests and diseases in crops prior to an outbreak - allowing for them to apply pesticides only when needed.

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350 paying customers (agriculture subjects) in the application • Having 9 partners around the world to expand our products • Cooperation with one of the leader in agriculture Syngenta • Scalability in different segments like city greens and golf courses CleverFarm - data-based farm management. #Foodsafety

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Adam Zloty

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