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BD SENSORS (≈200 employees, ≈13,5 mil EUR turnover) is a European leader in the field of Pressure Sensors Technology and is one of the leading SMEs in Electronics development and manufacturing for Space Applications. Having more than 25 years of “Space Heritage” via its “CSRC Space Division” BD SENSORS is experienced in PCB Assembly in accordance with ESA ECSS Standard.

Competences and capabilities

Electronic Pressure Measurement

  • Development and production of Pressure Sensors and Pressure Measurement Devices
  • Complex solutions for Pressure Measurement Application (Industry, Aerospace, Space)
  • Modern manufacturing technologies

Electronics for Space Applications

  • Development and production of Space Electronics
  • Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)
  • Power & Energy Storage
  • Harness & Cabling Manufacturing and Testing
  • Propulsions, PEPE Rocket Engine

Major Space Projects & References

Electronic Pressure Measurement

  • Portfolio of +100 product types
  • Customer Solutions
  • Production range – 0,1mbar up to 6.000 bar

Electronics for Space Applications

  • Banks of Supercapacitors
  • EGSE & Unit Testers
  • Automated & manual FM PCB Assembly according to ESA ECSS Standards

Major Space Projects & References

  • SMART-1, EPDP Unit
  • DEMETER, I/V Converter
  • PROBA 2, DSLP&TPMU Units
  • SWARM/TEASER, Micro-Accelerometer
  • PROBA V, SATRAM Radiation Monitor
  • RISETAT, Radiation Monitor
  • CubeSats (VZLUSAT-1, VZLUSAT-2, BDSAT) PCB Assembly
  • ISS / ACES, European Laser Timing Instrument
  • Solar Orbiter, PWR for RPW & STIX Instruments
  • SABIP, Space Based ADS-B Payload Development
  • BOSC, Banks of Supercapacitors for Space
  • High Density Connectors for Space
  • EUCLID, SVM Electrical Simulator and EGSE
  • METOP SG/3Mi, Filter Wheel Controller
  • NEOSAT, Thermal Vacuum Test Benches
  • JUICE / APME, Manufacturing and Testing
  • NOVACOM 2, Flexible Solar Arrays
  • Space Rider/MDE, Modul Driver Electronics
  • HITPIX, Space Radiation Monitoring
  • I-HAB, Pressure Sensors for Space Application

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • ISO9001
  • ECSS-Q-70-08, -38, -26 and -28
  • Safe Enterprise
  • Type Approval
  • Inspection
  • EN9100 in progress

Contact person

Marek Šimčák
Director of CSRC Space Division

tel: +420 572 411 320
gsm: +420 736 75 99 33