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BBT-Materials Processing, s. r. o (established in 1995) is a private SME technological company dedicated to development and production of high-performance IR polarization optics, phase delay components and acousto-optical substrates for a wide range of high- tech applications.

Competences and capabilities

Our group is the world´s first to have discovered mercurous halides single crystals and their extraordinary properties. Mercurous chloride (Calomel, Hg2Cl2 ) is a unique material for IR optics, acousto-optics, polarizers, high power laser applications, etc.

We are developing Calomel high efficiency infrared polarizers and acousto-optical tuneable filters (AOTF) for hyperspectral imaging in the thermal infrared.  BBT´s devices were operating on-board Salyut 6 - Soyuz and MIR orbital laboratories for 17 years!


  • Polarizers (several types)
  • Scrambles
  • Polarizing beamsplitters
  • Phase delay prisms
  • Wedges
  • Acousto-optical tuneable filter (TRL 4)
  • Delay lines
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Custom products

Major Space Projects & References

  • INTERKOSMOS – MORAVA I, II and III (1976-97) on board Salyut 6-Sojuz and MIR – material science.
  • Space furnaces CSK and TITUS for MIR and FOTON.
  • TITUS MPP Multi-Purpose Platform for ISS (International Space Station)
  • RIM-MIR, TES and TEST-TES: A recalescence of Ag-Ge alloys on MIR using the CSK-1 furnace.
  • MIR’92 (1992-3), EuroMIR’94 (1994-5), EuroMIR’95 (1995-6), GermanMIR 97 (1997), MIR 99 – PERSEUS (1999) - material experiments on MIR using the CSK-1 and TITUS.
  • DEMON (2011-2014) Development of Quality Evaluation Methods for Calomel Optical Elements
  • NAOMI (2010-12): New acousto-optic device based on calomel for hyperspectral imaging in space applications
  • IAPETHOS (2014-16): Infrared advanced polarizer for Space applications
  • THETIS (2016-17): TIR Hyperspectral Imager based on the Calomel AOTF (Acousto-Optical Tuneable Filter)
  • CALIOPE (2018-2020) Calomel-based TIR optical AOTF breadboarding
  • ECLIPSE (2018-2020) Development and production of Calomel IR polarizer and testing in relevant environment
  • IAPETHOS2 (2018-2021) Infrared Advanced Polarizers for Space and other Applications 2
  • TWINS (2022): Birefringent Fourier transform spectrometer for space applications
  • Other projects within KONTAKT, PRODEX, FP7,EUROSTARS etc.
  • IRCAPOL (under preparation) Development of infrared polarizing camera for EO
  • VEGA (under preparation) Increasing the TRL level of the acousto-optical tunable filter based calomel for hyperspectral imagers and commercial applications
  • BIRD (under preparation) Development and production of optical and acousto-optical components based on mercurous bromide

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Crystal growth units (VPT method)
  • Crystal optics manufacturing.
  • HW for testing and quality evaluation of optical and acousto-optical components:
    • Conoscope
    • Interferometer
    • IR Spectrometer
    • 2D HP imaging filter
    • HP integral measurement
    • Integral extinction ratio (VIS, IR)
    • COHERENT 9,3µm CO2
    • laser system (17W)
    • Optical microscope
    • Tyndall scattering
    • 2D optical Fourier transform
    • 2D depolarization imaging
    • MTF/PSF
  • RoHS for polarization optics based on calomel (under negotiation)

Contact person

Ondřej Ballada
project manager

tel: +420284890447
gsm: +420 724 875 729