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Praha 7 170 00

tel: +420 601 270 076


ADVACAM is a spin-off SME of the IEAP CTU Prague and the Medipix Collaboration based in CERN founded in 2013. R&D, applications and projects are carried out for ESA, NASA, VZLU in cooperation with the IEAP CTU Prague, CERN and space groups CSRC/BD Sensors, Rigaku, EK.

Competences and capabilities

ADVACAM produces advanced radiation imaging detectors and novel particle tracking cameras based on state-of-the-art Timepix and Timepix3 ASIC chip CERN technology. Highly integrated instrumentation and customized solutions are developed for a wide range of applications including space where low-power light-mass payloads are most valuable for high-resolution wide-range detection and monitoring of space radiation on board satellites for ESA and on the ISS/NASA.

Products & Services

  • Design, development and manufacture of advanced radiation detection instrumentation
  • Innovative techniques of radiation imaging, spectrometry, dosimetry and particle tracking
  • Testing, characterization and calibration of radiation detectors including in-house radiation lab sources
  • Non-destructive inspection, high-resolution X-ray imaging, X-ray CT of aerospace components

Major Space Projects & References

  • Space Radiation Dosimeter for spacecrew onboard Gateway Lunar Orbit Space Station, contract ESA with EK
  • Lunar soil inspection, NASA Moon Lander, with Univ of Lousiana USA
  • Radiation Monitor, One Web telecommunication satellite
  • Gamma-ray Tracker wide field-of-view for ESA Space Ryder, with Univ of Coimbra
  • Focal-plane X-ray Imager, X-ray telescope payload in LEO orbit onboard Cubesat VZLUSAT-2
  • Online radiation dosimeters MiniPPIX-TPX for spacecrew in LEO orbit onboard the ISS and NASA ORION mission
  • Radiation Monitor for GEO-orbit telecommunication satellites contract ESA with IEAP CTU
  • Pixel Detector Data Processing Engine, contract ESA
  • Space Radiation Capabilities, Technologies and Payloads, contract ESA with VZLU, CSRC/BDSensors, Rigaku

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates

  • Manufacture, testing, production overall ISO 9001
  • Clean room space, packaging of semiconductor pixel detectors, wire-bonding, wafer and assembly testing and high-precision assembling and machining
  • X-ray lab, X-ray prober stations, wire-bonding system, microscope soldering equipment, thermalized chamber, regulated cooling units, vacuum chamber, X-ray imaging and micro-CT systems, automatized robotic scanner

Contact person

Doc. Ing. Carlos Granja, PhD.
Senior scientist, Project leader, Space applications

gsm: +420 601 270 076