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Klatovy 339 01

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ATC Space (ATS) was founded in 2017 as a 100% daughter of the German company Aerotech Peissenberg. ATS is active in the space business with vision to become centre of competence for milling and assembly operation structures and competences for space applications. Main experience of ATS is with aluminum machining and hand-made assembly parts of booster for ARIANE 6, named as ESR Rear and ESR Forward skirt.

Competences and capabilities

The main competences of ATC Space in the space division are the machining (cutting and milling) of aluminum alloys, fulfilling required precision in the maximum tolerances. The components and parts produced in Klatovy are mainly on high stress structures and as a result directly responsible for the strength of the structure of space launcher Ariane 6.

In the assembly section, ATS operates as a reliable partner in the area of special assembly and riveting for primary structures in the scope of ARIANE 6.

The ARIANE 6 scope of work is performed in a dedicated facility, optimized according the requirements for a nominal production rate of 32 skirts per year, which was finalized in 2018. Always in the view of a high-tech and state of the art production - sustainable for the next 30 years, we set up a dedicated milling center with one of the most modern machinery and special assembly area with robotic. For the time being, we are producing and finalizing the products for flight number ten of flight hardware of the ARIANE 6.

 All of the produced parts and components are tested and finally inspected in house by special means before they are released for delivery to the final customer. 


In 2022 ATS Space had 37 employees and we are continuously recruiting with a targeted manpower that is 75 employees. Company turnover in full operational capability is planned 15 mil EUR per year in serial production.

Major Space Projects & References

Ariane 6 – ESR Forward and ESR Rear Skirt

HERA project – AIT Handling Adapter

Space Related Equipment, Labs & Certificates


Contact person

Ing. Tomáš Kroták Ph.D.
Responsible for space and ESA projects

gsm: +420 601 351 934