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You can also use the Database of the industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic active or with potential in the field of space activities, available HERE.

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Total 66 subjects.

CUBE CZ s.r.o.Industry entity

Designing, production and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB) for demanding applications

Česká republika
Ferdinandov 612
Hejnice 463 62

SPACERACE s.r.o.Industry entity

Vývoj, výroba a prodej elektromechanických komponentů a subsystémů pro kosmický průmysl.

Česká republika
Purkyňova 649/127
Brno 61200

Koperníkova 3062
Teplice 415 01

Planetum – Observatory and Planetarium of capital city PragueAcademic entity

Planetum is a brand of the contributory organization Observatory and Planetarium of capital city Prague.

Kralovska obora 233
Praha 7 170 21

Kleť ObservatoryAcademic entity

The Kleť Observatory is a research institution belonging to few natural science centers of Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

Zátkovo nábřeží 4
České Budějovice 370 01

IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, Technical University of OstravaAcademic entity

Research, development, and innovation centre active in the fields of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Data Analysis (HPDA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their application to other scientific fields, industry, and society

17. listopadu 15
Ostrava 708 00

TOPTEC, Institute of Plasma Physics of the CASAcademic entity

Research Centre for Special Optics and Optoelectronic Systems

Sobotecká 1660
Turnov 511 01

Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, CTU PragueAcademic entity

The IEAP is a scientific-academic unit of the CTU oriented on the Physics of the Microworld and its applications.

Husova 240/5
Praha 1 110 00

Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of SciencesAcademic entity

Research in a wide range of evolutionary and ecologically focused botanical disciplines

Zamek 1
Průhonice 252 43

Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of SciencesAcademic entity

Public research institution oriented toward research of the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth, ionospheres and magnetospheres of planets of the Solar system, and of the solar wind.

Bocni II 1401
Praha 4 141 31

Global Change Research Institute CAS (CzechGlobe)Academic entity

European center of excellence investigating the ongoing global change and its impact on the atmosphere, biosphere and human society through the use of the latest techniques and instrumentation.

Bělidla 986/4a
Brno 603 00

Faculty of Science, Palacký University OlomoucAcademic entity

Studies of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Ecology, Earth Sciences

17. listopadu 50
Olomouc 771 46

Faculty of mathematics and physics (MFF UK), Charles UniversityAcademic entity

computer modeling of the detector systems, design of measuring process, onboard software for device control and data processing, manufacturing of the mechanical parts in cooperation with external partners

Ke Karlovu 3
Praha 2 121 16

Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), CTU PragueAcademic entity

electrical engineering, telecommunications, radio engineering, automation, informatics and computer science and engineering

Technická 2
Praha 160 00

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS), University of West BohemiaAcademic entity

Research areas: Cybernetic Systems, Information Technology, Heterogeneous Materials, Thin-Film Materials, Mathematical models, Geospatial data

Univerzitní 22
Plzeň 306 14

Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection, Czech University of Life Sciences PragueAcademic entity

The Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection provides teaching, and engages in research in all branches of soil sciences.

Kamýcká 129
Praha 6 165 00

Department of Physical Electronics, CTU PragueAcademic entity

Laser technology, photonics and computer physics

Brehova 7
Praha 1 115 19

Český hydrometeorologický ústavAcademic entity

State central institute of the Czech Republic for the fields of air quality, meteorology, climatology and hydrology

Na Šabatce 17
Praha 4 143 06

CESNET z. s. p. o.Academic entity

CESNET is an association of universities of the Czech Republic and the Czech Academy of Sciences. It operates and develops the national e-infrastructure for science, research and education which encompasses a computer network, computational grids, data storage and collaborative environment. It offers a rich set of services to connected organisations.

Zikova 1903/4
Praha 6 160 00

Ústav jaderné fyziky AV ČR, v.v.i.Academic entity

Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS, public research institution, conducts research in a broad field of nuclear physics, experimental as well as theoretical.

Czech republic
Husinec - Řež 130
Řež 25068

UNITES Systems a.s.Industry entity

Our main focus is to produce and develop testers, testing & measuring equipment and provide services in test & measurement. We develop testers for different industries.

Kpt. Macha 1372
Valašské Meziříčí 757 01

UNEX a.s.Industry entity

A manufacturer of wheeled excavators, a supplier of heavy engineering components and a long-term partner of the world's leading industrial corporations

Brnicko 1032
Uničov 783 91

Spacemanic CZ, s.r.o.Industry entity

Satellite mission integrator, focused on delivering flight proven innovative and reliable nanosatellite solutions, platforms, components and services.

Purkyňova 649/127
Brno 612 00

SERENUM, a.s.Industry entity

CubeSat component and BUS manufacturer, integrator, and service provider based in the Czech Republic

Jana Babáka 2733/11
Brno 612 00

Serco Czech Republic, s.r.o.Industry entity

Company supporting governments and international organisations in the delivery of essential public services. In Europe, we focus on four key sectors: Space, Defence, International Organisations and Immigration.

6th floor Palác Ara, Perlová 371/5
Praha 110 00

Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe, s.r.o.Industry entity

Development and manufacturing of X-ray optics, X-ray detectors and X-ray sources, as well as other related scientific products for industry and research

Za Radnicí 868
Dolní Břežany 252 41

ProjectSoft HK a.s.Industry entity

Control of technological processes, machine-technological engineering, production information systems

Eliščino nábřeží 375
Hradec Králové 500 03

MCE Slaný s.r.oIndustry entity

Performance in steel construction and plant engineering

Netovická 538
Slaný 274 01

KYOCERA AVX Components Czech Republic s.r.o.Industry entity

A leading manufacturer & supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control and antenna solutions

Dvořákova 328
Lanškroun 563 01

GNSS Centre of Excellence s.r.o.Industry entity

Providing strengthening activities of the Czech Republic in the development, testing and deployment of GNSS applications. Cooperation among the major spheres of transport (air, rail, road) and industry.

Navigační 787
Jeneč 252 61