Catalogue – Czech Republic Successful in ESA

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Electronic version of Catalogue is under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2022

Alternatively, you can also use the Database of the industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic active or with potential in the field of space activities, available HERE.

Total 3 subjects.

Testovací firmaIndustry entity

Testing the new elcatalogue

Česká republika
Václavské náměstí 1
Praha 1 110 00

test test testIndustry entity

Pokud by se pro stejný účel použil smysluplný text, bylo by těžké hodnotit pouze vzhled, aniž by se pozorovatel nechal svést ke čtení obsahu. Pokud by byl naopak použit nesmyslný, ale pravidelný text (např. opakování „asdf asdf asdf…“),

ulice 123
Praha 14 19800

5M s.r.o.Industry entity

5M develops and manufactures composite and sandwich materials for a wide range of customers. 5M focuses on demanding applications and special products including those for aerospace area with required low mass and high strength.

Česká republika
Na Záhonech 1177
Kunovice 68604