Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

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Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.Academic entity

- Irradiation services: the Gamma irradiation facility, the LVR-15 research nuclear reactor, the LR-0 experimental reactor, the neutron generator, and hot cells. Infrastructure Rez reactors are one of the pillars of our technology. The gamma irradiation facility is specially equipped for testing components for space applications. The LVR-15 reactor is mainly used for the irradiation of materials, production of radiopharmaceuticals and experiments using neutron radiography, and other applications of neutron beams. The LR-0 reactor is one of the most flexible experimental reactors in the world, in which it is possible to model virtually any configuration of power reactors for verification of their neutron-physical characteristics. - Materials and diagnostics: development and testing of materials and surface treatments in microanalysis laboratories and development of advanced non-destructive testing methods. The availability of a Centre of highly sensitive analytical instruments (SEM, SIMS, TEM, AFM, etc.). - Nuclear Safety: Safety analyses of research and power reactors using state-of-the-art computational methods. Analyses and modeling in neutron physics and thermohydraulics. Nuclear safety assessment and licensing support for operators and regulatory authorities. - Energy technologies: development of advanced energy technologies with a broad focus ranging from large-scale energy storage, hydrogen technologies, high-efficiency thermodynamic circuits based on supercritical CO2, technologies for Generation IV reactors to fusion technologies. - Technology projects: development, design, and manufacturing with a focus on the supply of large process units and special experimental equipment, using the experience gained in the supply of unique infrastructures.

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Husinec-Řež 25068

Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o.Industry entity

UST has a long-term experience with the development and manufacturing of dosimeters and ionizing radiation spectrometers primarily intended for scientific purposes. Examples of relevant products include dosimeters for primary and secondary cosmic radiation - the SPACEDOS, AIRDOS, and GEODOS series.

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Soběslav 39201

ThunderFly s.r.o.Industry entity

ThunderFly is a Czech company specializing in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles designed to operate in unfavorable weather conditions. The main products are modifiable autogyro carriers with excellent stability in any weather. The autogyros are equipped with special avionics from ThunderFly s.r.o. R&D.

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Capgemini engineeringIndustry entity

Testing of components and assemblies mainly for the automotive industry (mechanical, climatic, material, electrical tests, etc.). Design and production of test fixtures and equipment

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Teplice 415 01

Planetum – Observatory and Planetarium of capital city PragueAcademic entity

Planetum is a brand of the contributory organization Observatory and Planetarium of capital city Prague.

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Praha 7 170 21

Kleť ObservatoryAcademic entity

The Kleť Observatory is a research institution belonging to few natural science centers of Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

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České Budějovice 370 01

IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, Technical University of OstravaAcademic entity

Research, development, and innovation centre active in the fields of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Data Analysis (HPDA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their application to other scientific fields, industry, and society

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Ostrava 708 00