Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

Total 83 subjects.

Testovací firmaIndustry entity

Testing the new elcatalogue

Česká republika
Václavské náměstí 1
Praha 1 110 00

test test testIndustry entity

Pokud by se pro stejný účel použil smysluplný text, bylo by těžké hodnotit pouze vzhled, aniž by se pozorovatel nechal svést ke čtení obsahu. Pokud by byl naopak použit nesmyslný, ale pravidelný text (např. opakování „asdf asdf asdf…“),

ulice 123
Praha 14 19800

České vysoké učení technické v Praze, Kloknerův ústavAcademic entity

Civil Engineering, Development of New Materials and Procedures for Constructions, testing and diagnostics of building elements

Česká republika
Šolínova 7
Praha 160 00

TRL Space Systems s.r.o.Industry entity

Providing experience, services, and subsystems globally and commercially. Through partnership and by connecting different institutions and technologies we are building space missions as a system integrator.

Česká republika
Plynárenská 1
Brno 60200

eMan a.s.Industry entity

Software development, UX / UI Design, Outsourcing IT specialists, Consulting, Biometric and electronic signatures, Mobile Device Management

Česká republika
U Pergamenky 1145/12
Praha 7 170 00

S.A.B. Aerospace s.r.o.Industry entity

Mechanical systems and subsystems, components of launch vehicles, construction of satellites and probes, technologies for microgravity.

Technická 2935/23
Brno 616 00

Ústav fyziky materiálů AV ČR, v. v. i.Academic entity

The main interest of the Institute of Physics of Materials AS CR, v. v. i. is research in the field of materials sciences with a focus on elucidating the relationship between behaviour and properties of materials and their structural and microstructural characteristics using experimental and theoretical approaches. Its research infrastructure is mainly focused on the study of advanced materials suitable for engineering applications with an emphasis on the prediction of their service life. Its experimental equipment covers mechanical testing (fatigue, creep, creep and fatigue interactions, fracture, and material failure in a wide range of temperatures and environments), structure characterization (down to the atomic level) and determination of magnetic, electrical and transport properties. Within the research activities, the development and preparation of some special materials are also carried out.

Česká republika
Brno 60200

Wingit Works spol. s r.o.Industry entity

Structural analysis, aerodynamics, and design support for the aeronautical industry

Konviktská 297/12
Praha 1 - Staré Město 11000