Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

SVÚM a.s.Industry entity

Basic and applied research and development of metallic materials, plastics and composites in accredited laboratories.

Česká republika
Čelákovice 25088

130 s.r.o.Industry entity

SW architecture, SW development, Space architecture, Prototype development, transportation, energy

Česká Republika
Veselka 2014/10, Brno
Brno 621 00

Ústav technické a experimentální fyziky, České vysoké učení technické v PrazeAcademic entity

The IEAP is a scientific-academic unit of the CTU oriented on the Physics of the Microworld and its applications. The Institute was founded on May 2002 as the experimental unit of the CTU for research namely on particle and nuclear physics.

Česká republika
Husova 240/5
Praha 1 110 00