Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

Total 87 subjects.

SpaceLabEUIndustry entity

air-breathing electric satellite propulsion (ABEP) development

Česká republika
122 Inovacni
Hodkovice 25241

egsespace s.r.o.Industry entity

electronics design, test & manufacturing, firmware, EGSE systems, complex test & measurement systems, power supplies, high voltage , RF, EMC,embedded systems, R&D

Zelený pruh 1560/99
Praha 4 14000

HPC Research s.r.o.Industry entity

Ultra light composite fuel / propellant tanks, ultra light composite pressure vessels

Česká republika
U Stadionu 615
Horní Bříza 33012

EK-INDUSTRY, s.r.o.Industry entity

Development of industrial technologies

Vápenka 16
Brno 636 00

Global Change Research Institute CAS, Department of Remote SensingAcademic entity

Science from above: we help to understand landscape changes using Earth observation data. Our department studies the actual status and changes of ecosystems using the up-to-date and rapidly developing methods of remote sensing. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions for qualitative and quantitative assessment, study spatio-temporal changes of ecosystems and their response to various stress agents, and to explore new relationships between the ecosystem elements using different types of remote sensing and field data. We primarily study forest, agro and urban systems and our research is usually connected to the activities of other GCRI departments and other research institutes, because it often integrates a broad variety of data at different ecosystem levels (e.g., leaf – plant – canopy – landscape) at the local up to regional scales. In our research we use an unique airborne research infrastructure of GCRI – Flying Laboratory of Imaging Systems (FLIS), which is the only one operated in the Czech Republic and one of few in Europe. FLIS carries on-board a suite of state-of-the-art imaging spectroradiometers, thermal spectroradiometer and a laser scanner that allows simultaneous data acquisition and such as providing a comprehensive information about land surface. Besides the airborne data we also analyse multitude of field spectroscopic and laser scanning data, as well as satellite observations (e.g., Sentinels, Landsat, Modis).

Belidla 4a
Brno 60300

BBT-Materials Processing, s.r.o.Industry entity

Infrared optics, polarizing optics and acousto-optics for ground and space applications, crystal growth

Česká Republika
U Továrny 138
Zdiby 25066

SvobodaIndustry entity

Consultations in space technology

Sušická 5
Praha 6 16000

OHB Czechspace s.r.o.Industry entity

OHB Czechspace focuses on supplying spacecraft and launcher structures as well as its mechanical ground support equipment. OHB Czechspace performs the development, design, verification, procurement, test conduction and belonging product assurance tasks.

Purkyňova 648/125
Brno 61200