Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

Total 84 subjects.

Wingit Works spol. s r.o.Industry entity

Structural analysis, aerodynamics, and design support for the aeronautical industry

Konviktská 297/12
Praha 1 - Staré Město 11000

HiLASEAcademic entity

Laser Applications Research and Development

Za Radnici 828
Dolni Brezany 252 41

STROJCAR s.r.o.Industry entity

Design and rapid prototyping, machining and production of precision metal parts on CNC milling machines for use in the aircraft, space, automotive and rail industries.

Česká republika
Polní 2498/5
Opava 74601

GROUNDCOM.SPACE s.r.o.Industry entity

Ground segment for communication with small satellites, primarily nanosatellites, in LEO. We offer Ground-station-as-a-service and GSs network as well as ground station products in various frequency bands (VHF/UHF/S/X).

Česká republika
Purkyňova 649/127
Brno 612 00

SpaceLabEUIndustry entity

air-breathing electric satellite propulsion (ABEP) development

Česká republika
122 Inovacni
Hodkovice 25241

egsespace s.r.o.Industry entity

electronics design, test & manufacturing, firmware, EGSE systems, complex test & measurement systems, power supplies, high voltage , RF, EMC,embedded systems, R&D

Zelený pruh 1560/99
Praha 4 14000

HPC Research s.r.o.Industry entity

Ultra light composite fuel / propellant tanks, ultra light composite pressure vessels

Česká republika
U Stadionu 615
Horní Bříza 33012

EK-INDUSTRY, s.r.o.Industry entity

Development of industrial technologies

Vápenka 16
Brno 636 00