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BBT-Materials Processing, s.r.o.Industry entity

infrared optics, polarizing optics and acousto-optics for ground and space applications, crystal growth

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U Továrny 138 (areál ATRIA)
Zdiby - Přemyšlení 18400

SvobodaIndustry entity

Consultations in space technology

Sušická 5
Praha 6 16000

OHB Czechspace s.r.o.Industry entity

OCZ provides services as a contractor and service provider in the field of development engineering including systems engineering and project management for space applications. In its first few years the company will predominantly provide services in the field of mechanical engineering, including analytical verification, design, procurement, manufacturing and mechanical testing. The services offered by OHB Czechspace comprise the following in detail: • Design of structural items and systems from the conceptual phase to detailed design according to the Customer’s requirements and standards: o Generation of 2D and 3D models o Evaluation of relevant concept trade-offs o Detailed design & design optimization o Generation of engineering drawings • Analysis and verification of space products according to ECSS Standards (if required), such as structural items, sub-assemblies, satellite systems, electronic equipment: o Generation of FE models from 2D and 3D CAD models o Static analysis (linear and non-linear) o Dynamic analysis, such as modal analysis and vibration analysis (incl. random and acoustic analysis) o Stress verification o Thermo-elastic analysis o Deformation analysis & stability analysis o Design optimization o Joint verification (e.g. bolts and inserts) o Fatigue analysis & fracture mechanics analysis o Generation of condensed models (e.g. Craig Bampton Model) o Model correlation with test data • System Engineering o Coordination of various disciplines (e.g. structural analysis and design) o Requirements Analysis o RFD, NCR assessments o Support in procurement activities (e.g. SOW and specification writing, specification of specimen testing) • Procurement of structural items: o Procurement of all metallic and composite structural items, such as brackets, sandwich panels, adapters, tubes, and rods o System activities related to procurement (e.g. SOW and specification writing) o Supervision of manufacturing activities and related product assurance o Specification and supervision of needed development, qualification and acceptance testing activities (e.g. development specimen test campaign for derivation of mechanical properties) • The services provided by OHB Czechspace related to mechanical testing of every assembly such as satellite systems or electronic equipment: o Coordination of the test facility o Preparation of the test procedure and definition of the sensor o Design of test adapters and supporting structures o Lead of the test activities o Evaluation of the test data o Reporting of the test results

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