Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

Total 139 subjects.

SYNPO, akciová společnostIndustry entity

Applied research in resins, lacquers, paints, adhesives, sealants and polymers.

Česká republika
S. K. Neumanna 1316
Pardubice 53207

SPACEKNOW, INC., odštěpný závod s. r. o.Industry entity

Earth Observation, Remote Sensing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Thámova 166/18
Praha - Karlín 186 00

KB micro s.r.o.Industry entity

Industry Electronics Space Electronics - Flight Hardware

Ceska Republika
Okruzni 29a
Brno 63800

Výzkumný ústav geodézie, topografie a kartografie,v.v.i,Academic entity

Remote sensing, Photogrammetry

Ústecká 98
Zdiby 25066

CEDA Maps a.s.Industry entity

Digital maps, online data, smart mobility, localization and navigation

Jihlavská 1558/21
Praha 4-Michle 140 00

OPTOKON a.s.Industry entity

OPTOKON, a.s. is a leading global manufacturer of passive and active devices and optical cables. Key segments in our large product portfolio are the range of portable hand held fiber optic testers ideal for use in FTTH networks and a series of ruggedized devices and military tactical components designed for use in military systems and harsh environmental conditions. Ruggedized products includes: HMA connectors,LMSW Switches,LMC converters,IP telephones,LMSB-Communication and information modules, UPS, routers,LMCP-light mobile computing platform.

Czech Republic
Červený Kříž 250
Jihlava 586 01

daiteq s.r.o.Industry entity

Design of embedded systems. Design of systems with the LEON processors.

Česká republika
K Hádku 1148
Praha - Dubeč 107 00

Honeywell Internationall s.r.o.Industry entity

Honeywell has a long and proud heritage in the Czech Republic. Since opening its first office in 1962, we expanded to operate from three locations: Prague, Olomouc and Brno. Each of these sites offers a range of skills, capabilities and technologies and builds upon a history of excellence in serving the European space industry and our customers also include worldwide space agencies, prime contractors and commercial suppliers. 3000+ professionals in the Czech Republic provide, research, product development, production and other IT & connectivity solution to several of the company’s business sectors, including space. We serve space users with state of the art research and technology capability in number of areas: • Actuators and Antenna Deployment and Pointing mechanisms • Satellite Guidance & Attitude Control • Control Moment Gyros • Reaction and Momentum Wheels • Satellite Communication • Actuation and Vibration Control Systems • Manufacturing of Mechanical Components

Česká republika
V Parku 2325/16
Praha 4 148 00