Zaitra delivers intelligence for space missions.

Zaitra is a software company, developing solutions for satellites. We combine knowledge from two different fields – computer science and space engineering. Our solutions improve satellite data analyses directly in space by edge device intelligence integrated into satellites. The technology Zaitra is developing is based on state-of-the-art processing algorithms, which allow processing of high volumes of data generated on-board of satellites while reducing latency and saving mission costs. Our product SKAISEN is an AI-powered on-board cloud screening technology, filtering cloud-polluted imagery generated during Earth Observation missions directly on-board the satellite. Zaitra is delivering to several ESA and commercial projects and has a strong focus on research and development of innovative AI-based solutions. Our customers are Satellite Integrators and Operators, as well as Sensor and Payload Developers.


We offer:

  • SKAISEN – AI-powered on-board cloud detection solution, available in three variants, giving you the choice of a single component up to a comprehensive full mission on-board data processing solution:
    • SKAISEN Edge – Standalone FPGA IP Core with AXI DMA interface or a CPU-optimised binary to a specific embedded processor.
    • SKAISEN OS – Customized operating system designed to work seamlessly with SKAISEN Edge on Xilinx® ZynqTM 7000 and Xilinx® ZynqTM UltraScale+TM boards.
    • SKAISEN Payload – SKAISEN OS delivered together with one of the Data Processing Units (DPU) available on the market.
  • On-board object detection solutions
  • Custom development focusing on on-board processing
  • Custom development in microgravity

Our potential partners are:

  • Payload Developers
  • Satellite Data Providers (Multispectral, Hyperspectral, SAR)
  • Mission Owners
  • Mission Operators
  • Satellite Integrators



Represented at IAC by: 

Marek Marušin