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Honeywell Internationall s.r.o.Industry entity

Honeywell has a long and proud heritage in the Czech Republic. Since opening its first office in 1962, we expanded to operate from three locations: Prague, Olomouc and Brno. Each of these sites offers a range of skills, capabilities and technologies and builds upon a history of excellence in serving the European space industry and our customers also include worldwide space agencies, prime contractors and commercial suppliers. 3000+ professionals in the Czech Republic provide, research, product development, production and other IT & connectivity solution to several of the company’s business sectors, including space. We serve space users with state of the art research and technology capability in number of areas: • Actuators and Antenna Deployment and Pointing mechanisms • Satellite Guidance & Attitude Control • Control Moment Gyros • Reaction and Momentum Wheels • Satellite Communication • Actuation and Vibration Control Systems • Manufacturing of Mechanical Components

Česká republika
V Parku 2325/16
Praha 4 148 00

TC AV ČRAcademic entity

business advisory

Ve struhách
Prague 6 16000

Aura Engineering Hranice s.r.o.Industry entity

Automation and robotics

Mlýnská 595
Hranice 75361

Univerzita Palackého v OlomouciAcademic entity

geoinformatics, cartography

Česká republika
17. listopadu 50
Olomouc 77146