Czech Space Alliance


The Czech Space Alliance (CSA) is an SME industry association of Czech space companies with proven skills in the aerospace business, and with a broad international client base, established in 2006. Its focus is on promoting the capabilities of its members and fostering their successful participation in competitive international space tenders.

CSA is an industry association of 18 companies, mostly SMEs, established in 2006. The members are vying for space business, especially through ESA. The founding members, namely BBT, CSRC (now part of BD Sensors), and Science Systems (now Iguassu Software Systems) participated in ESA and other space projects since the 1990s.

An important part of our mission is to represent and promote the interests of the space industry to the national decision-makers, the media and other relevant associations or entities; cooperate with the ministries and all other official entities supporting space activities in the formulation of space policy and creation of suitable conditions for the growth of the space industry.


CSA covers by its members practically all sectors of Space applications:

  • Design and simulations: L.K. Engineering s.r.o., SAB Aerospace s.r.o., TTS s.r.o
  • Software development: esc Aerospace s.r.o., Iguassu Software Systems a.s.
  • Electronics – components: AVX Corporation, BD SENSORS s.r.o., TTS s.r.o.
  • Electronics – assembly: Terma Technologies Czech Republic s.r.o., BD SENSORS s.r.o., esc Aerospace s.r.o., UNITES Systems a.s.
  • Scientific instruments: BBT – Materials Processing s.r.o., Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o., ADVACAM s.r.o.
  • Development of materials: 5M s.r.o., TOSEDA s.r.o.
  • Mechanism and structures: 5M s.r.o., Frentech Aerospace s.r.o.
  • Subsystem integration: 5M s.r.o., Frentech Aerospace s.r.o., SAB Aerospace s.r.o.
  • Testing: 5M s.r.o., ADVACAM s.r.o., BD SENSORS s.r.o., EGGO Space s.r.o., esc Aerospace s.r.o., , Frentech Aerospace s.r.o., L.K. Engineering s.r.o., Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o., SAB Aerospace s.r.o., TOSEDA s.r.o., UNITES Systems a.s.



Represented at IAC by:

Richard Pavlica