1. Launching State

Lucky-7 cubesat
  • The Czech Republic together with the Russian Federation 

2. An appropriate designator of the space object or its registration number

  • LUCKY-7, COSPAR ID: 2019-038W, NORAD ID: 44406, Callsign: OK0SAT

3. Date and territory or location of launch

  • July 5, 2019, The Russian Federation, Vostochny Cosmodrome

4. Basic orbit parameters:

a) Nodal period

  • 95.2 min

b) Inclination

  • 97.5 degrees

c) Apogee

  • 555.4 km

d) Perigee

  • 519.3 km

5. General function of space object:

  • The Lucky-7 spacecraft is designed to perform the In-orbit Demonstration (IOD) flight to study the long term impact of the space environment on COTS-based electronic systems.