Operator: BD SENSORS s.r.o.

  1. Name of the discharging country or countries

Czech Republic together with the United States of America

  1. Appropriate space object identification or registration number

BDSat, COSPAR ID: 2022-033U, NORAD ID: 52175, Call sign: OK0BDS

  1. Date and territory or launch site

1 April 2022, United States of America, Florida, Cape Canaveral (Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, launch pad SLC-40)

  1. Basic orbit data

(a) orbital period

94.53 min

(b) inclination of the orbit

97.388 degrees

(c) apogee

505.4 km

(d) perigee

486.7 km

  1. General function of a space object

BDSAT is a 1U cubesat supporting the global amateur radio community. The payload, called payload, consists of two experiments. The first is the verification of the BD SENSORS pressure sensors in open space conditions. The second part of the technology experiment is to validate the use of supercapacitors as a modern approach to energy storage in satellites.

Additional information:

Change of operational state

Date when the space object ceased to be operational: 25 April 2022

A detailed analysis revealed a problem in the software code that caused a communication failure on April 25, 2022. Unfortunately, this malfunction rendered the operator unable to contact the satellite and unable to recover it remotely. For this reason, it was decided to launch a backup satellite, BDSAT-2, as part of the SPACEX Transporter 6 mission.

BDSAT disappeared in the upper atmosphere on 8 March 2024.