Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

Total 87 subjects.

5M s.r.o.Industry entity

5M develops and manufactures composite and sandwich materials for a wide range of customers. 5M focuses on demanding applications and special products including those for aerospace area with required low mass and high strength.

Česká republika
Na Záhonech 1177
Kunovice 68604

BD SENSORS s.r.o.Industry entity

● Electronic Pressure Sensors for Space and Industry ● Space Electronics / Flight Hardware Design and MAIT ● Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) ● Harness & Cabling Manufacturing and Testing ● Propulsions - rocket engine PEPE

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Hradišťská 817
Buchlovice 687 08

TTS, s.r.o.Industry entity

tenkovrstvá metalizace, návrh a vývoj tenkých vrstev, měření stopové vlhkosti, radiační analýza

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Novodvorská 994 / 138
Praha 4 142 00

G.L.Electronic s.r.o.Industry entity

Aerospace industry

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Podnikatelská 4
Brno 61200

BizGarden s.r.o.Industry entity

Research and development projects with the specialisation on monetization of services and technologies exploiting space signals, assets and technologies

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Příkop 2A
Brno 60200

cotu s.r.o.Industry entity

prototyping and production of models, 3D printing, casting

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Pod Hájkem 406/1
Praha 8 180 00

GINA Software, s.r.o.Industry entity

AVL, IT infrastructure

Purkyňova 649/127
Brno 612 00

Rizzo Associates Czech a.s.Industry entity

Ensuring the safety of energy and other specific equipment of critical infrastructure ; Reliability verification of equipment, systems and constructions under extreme conditions and events; Development of normative - technical documentation and legislation; Risk and threat assessment for potentially hazardous industrial facilities

Czech Republic
Vejprnická 663/56
Plzeň 31800