Operator: the Prague Observatory and Planetarium

  1. Name of the discharging country or countries

Czech Republic together with the United States of America

  1. Appropriate space object identification or registration number

Planetum-1, COSPAR ID: 2022-057G, NORAD ID: 52738

  1. Date and territory or launch site

25 May 2022, United States of America, Florida, Cape Canaveral (Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, launch pad SLC-40)

  1. Basic orbit data

(a) orbital period

95 min

(b) inclination of the orbit

97.5 degrees

(c) apogee

540 km

(d) perigee

527.9 km

  1. General function of a space object

Planetum-1 is historically the 11th Czech/Czechoslovak satellite. It is a 1U CubeSat-sized nanosatellite that is primarily aimed at education and popularization. Planetum (the Prague Observatory and Planetarium) is the first institution of its kind in the world to put its own satellite into Earth orbit. More about the satellite: