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Share Your Ideas to Support Adoption of Galileo Public Regulated Service


Share Your Ideas to Support Adoption of Galileo Public Regulated Service

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is inviting European industries and Member State Competent Public Regulated Service (PRS) Authorities to share their views and ideas in support of the adoption of the PRS. In particular, industries with potential interests and capabilities to support the development of such Galileo PRS user segment technologies as receivers, security modules, dedicated infrastructure, market enablers, etc., are encouraged to join the discussion.

The GSA is seeking your input in drafting a roadmap for developing the necessary secure technologies. It is expected that industry will provide additional inputs and ideas for exploration during the Horizon 2020 period, which will be used in planning long-term activities in support of PRS adoption, with a focus on market preparation.

Consultation will focus on:

  • Necessary steps for transforming the identified technologies into products competitive enough in terms of cost, power, dimension etc. to support the market uptake of PRS within the 2018-2020 timeframe
  • Collection of information on the current European capability and capacity with the manufacturing sectors, with particular attention to nanotechnology manufacturing capabilities, and ideas of how to better use it for PRS market uptake.
  • Ideas of how to build, starting from the most promising technologies, the manufacturing lines capable of serving the PRS user segment needs
  • Main domains, elements and interfaces that will benefit from standardisation, allowing for a stronger market adoption of PRS

Galileo PRS is restricted to governmental authorised users. It is intended for use with sensitive applications that require a high-level of service continuity. Authorised users include Member States, European Council, European Commission, EEAS, EU agencies and, subject to security agreements with the EU, third countries and international organisations.

More information can be found here.

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