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European Space Solutions 2014


European Space Solutions 2014

European Space Solutions 2014, organised by European GNSS Agency and European Commision and hosted by Czech Ministry of Transport and the City of Prague, will bring together business and the public-sector with users and developers of space-based solutions to explore how space can make a difference to the lives, and livelihoods, of people across Europe and around the globe. Space-based services and technologies are the future of efficient, effective and sustainable services that society needs.

Taking place in the Prague Conference Centre from 11 to 13 June 2014, the 3-day conference will bring together business and the public-sector with users and developers of space-based solutions. Participants will learn about the potential for using space technologies from the European Space Programmes Galileo/EGNOS (navigation) and Copernicus (Earth observation) in their fields of work, gather insights about current developments, and discuss what is possible and needed in the future.

European Space Solutions 2014 will feature:

  • A high level Plenary Session bringing together leaders from the private and public sector to discuss how space-powered solutions can be harnessed for business and society as a whole
  • 4 user-led, seminars exploring with users how the EU's navigation and Earth observation programmes can deliver innovative solutions to real-life challenges in the following areas:
    • Space Solutions for Sustainable Transport
      (covering Aviation, Maritime Transport, Rail and Road)
    • Space Solutions for Sustainable Land Management
      (covering Agriculture, Ecosystems and Spatial Planning)
    • Space Solutions for Emergency Response and Disaster Management
      (covering Copernicus Emergency Management Service, critical infrastructure and distress alert systems)
    • Space Solutions for Consumer Applications
      (covering Location Based Services and Earth Observation-based applications)
  • A special International focus, including perspectives on the use of space solutions from Europe's partners around the world
  • Side event Galileo User Forum (GUF) - GNSS services for E-mobility and Smart Grids (info)
  • Side event 3rd GMES/Copernicus National User Forum Day (info)
  • Plus, a range of networking, business exchange, special topic, media and social events


Official website of conference can be found here (containing more information, registration form, preliminary programme, etc.)

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