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International GUF Workshop "GNSS services for E-mobility and Smart Grids"

International GUF Workshop "GNSS services for E-mobility and Smart Grids"

Date: 11.6.2014 09:00 - 11.6.2014 12:45

Registration is already closed.

Side event the European Space Solutions conference 2014, Prague, 11 - 13 June 2014 (link)
Venue: Ministry of transport, Nábř. L. Svobody 1222/12, Prague 1
Language: English

In accordance with the statistics of the European Environmental Agency survey the transport of people and goods is responsible for a total of 25 to 30 percent of the world's final energy consumption. The greatest potential for reducing energy consumption is in the area of road traffic. Tomorrow’s mobility will require innovative solutions for vehicles and infrastructure. The increasing share of electric vehicles on roads will also require an easy-to-access power charging infrastructure for which positioning will be essential.

The electromobility as a comprehensive solution for electricity utilization is closely linked to stability of energy and distribution networks and their conversion into smart networks (Smart Grids). The interconnection of electromobility and Smart Grids could emerge a new dynamic high tech industry.

Satellite navigation systems and accurate location are indispensable for many related systems in cars and also becoming an integral part of the design, construction and operation of modern energy networks. Power grids shall be continuously monitored, and when a power line breaks or a failure occurs, it is vital that monitoring instruments are synchronised with maximum accuracy.

The GUF structure:

  • International/European Strategy and Framework for development of GNSS and Emobility
  • What solutions are available now, development and application of technologies
  • End Users expectations and needs

Contact Person:

Mr. Ondřej Bílý, phone: +420 225 131 659, ondrej.bily@mdcr.cz


More information about already held GUF is available here.

Cover letter can be found here.

The final program is available here.

Presentations from the workshop can be found HERE.

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