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Homepage Event Calendar GSA Open Days 2019: Accuracy Matters – look around you!

GSA Open Days 2019: Accuracy Matters – look around you!

GSA Open Days 2019: Accuracy Matters – look around you!

Date: 8.11.2019 09:00 - 9.11.2019 17:00

Have you ever wondered how pilots can land a plane when it is snowing or foggy? Or how a taxi drives right up to you and not 10 metres away, even when you are standing in the middle of nowhere? Or have you ever thought about how the exact time and position of your morning tram to work are known? The answers lie just five minutes away from downtown Prague.

The European Space Programmes are closer than you think. Satellites might be an invisible infrastructure spinning many thousand kilometres above our heads, but the services they deliver are more than visible. Look around you! Satellite navigation is used in much of our everyday life and, for all of the services that use satellite navigation, accuracy is of the essence.

Planes land smoothly with precision thanks to EGNOS. Trams, trains and buses #UseGalileo for accurate timing information, tractors use EU satellite-based technology for a greener environment. More than 1 billion Galileo-enabled smartphones are now in your pockets.

Still not convinced? 

Join us on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 of November for the #GSAOpenDays 2019 and experience first-hand why #AccuracyMatters

Be a pilot and land an airbus A350 using EGNOS or discover a satellite mock-up. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Experience a live rescue in the snow-capped Alps with the help of Galileo. If you’re afraid of heights you can always decrypt secret messages or take part in our various workshops running throughout the day.

Not sure how to find us? Let Galileo take care of that. Check if your smartphone uses Galileo here and rest assured you’ll make it to the event on time! After all Accuracy Matters, right?

Follow us on twitter @EU_GNSS and Instagram @space4eu for regular updates.

Use the hashtag #GSAOpenDays to share your experience of this year’s Open Days. 

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GSA Open Days are part of Czech Space Week 2019, follow the link to discover other Space Events happening around you!
Source: GSA Agency

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