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ARTES Industry Day

ARTES Industry Day

Date: 3.5.2012 09:00

Venue: Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 12, Praha 1
Organizer: Space Technologies and Satellite Systems Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic in cooperation with ESA

Object of the "ARTES industry Day" is to introduce new opportunities in developement of new telecommunication platform NGP and other elements of the ARTES Programme.




TAS and Astrium introductory presentation document

Agenda - Artes Industry day

 09:00 Introduction (Ministry of Transport of CR)
 09:10 ARTES Survey of Czech Republic and some PECS states´ industry (Space Tec Capital Partners GmbH)
 09:15 Presentations dedicated to Next Generation Platform NGP
  a / new ESA programme and general aspects (ESA)
  b / foreseen activities/opportunities within the programme (TAS and EADS)
 11:15 Coffee break
 11:30 Introduction of other ARTES elements (ESA) - introduction to programmes subscribed by CR, not subscribed by CR, and new elements open after C-MIN 2012
 13:00 Lunch break (possibly in canteen of Ministry)
 14:00 Bilaterals between ESA/TAS/Astrium and Czech entities
 16:00 Adjourn (depends on interest of Czech entities in bilaterals))


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