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IMSO (International Mobile Satellite Organization)

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International Mobile Satellite Organization is an international governmental organization, which emerged from division of the International Maritime Satellite Organization INMARSAT into Inmarsat Holdings Private Ltd. and international organization IMSO.

  • The basic document operating the activities of IMSO is the Convention on the International Mobile Satellite Organisation Services
  • The administrative body of IMSO are Assembly of IMSO Parties and a Secretariat headed by Director General IMSO. The current Director General of IMSO is Esteban Pacha-Vicente (Spain). IMSO headquarters are in London.

Purpose of IMSO

The main purpose is IMSO, on commission of the International Maritime Organization (IMO International Maritime Organization), is the surveillance of the public mobile satellite services for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System).

  • At present IMSO is the coordinator for the system of remote identification and tracking of ships of LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships).
  • IMSO also provides additional communication services related to  maritime safety

Membership in IMSO

Czech Republic, as successor state of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic
has been the IMSO member since 7th December 1988 (former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic's entry into the INMARSAT).
According to Government Resolution of 17th August 2009 No. 1029, the IMSO issues were transferred from the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the Ministry of Transport.

  • IMSO Membership is free, but member states have the opportunity to provide voluntary contributions.
  • Membership of the Czech Republic in IMSO contributes to ensuring the safety and protection of vessels flying under the flag of the Czech Republic, protect property and lives of Czech citizens using sea routes for freight, passenger transport, recreation and sport.

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