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ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems

 Examples of ITS applications

Extension of the European Union

caused a significanat increase in traffic of people and goods. But on the other hand, it also raised issues related to transportation, such as congestion on the road network, the delays in public transport, the problem of traffic accidents and safety in general. To solve and fix these problems the European Commission supports the implementation of Intelligent transport systems and services (ITS) across all modes of transport to increase its effectiveness and safety.

Intelligent Transport Systems

sometimes referred to as Traffic telematics, integrate information and telecommunication technologies with traffic engineering, supported by other related disciplines (economics, traffic theory, system engineering, etc.), to guarantee for already existing infrastructure reliable traffic management systems and transport processes. ITS are advanced systems that use information and communication technologies for improved and safer traffic management and effective support of the transportation of persons or cargo.

The main benefit of the implementation of systems and services in terms of social benefits is in increasing of traffic safety and operations.

The essence of ITS

and related processes lies in fact that  they use equipment consisting of parts that are able to collect and deliver information (data) about the status of a vehicle or equipment to the control unit or operator. Under certain conditions, the control unit itself sends back instructions (or the order is sent manually by the operator). This action activates the equipment for process control (eg, a set of equipment designed for traffic control, such as symbols of variable traffic signs, signal characteristics of the light-signaling devices, etc.).

In many ITS applications are satellite navigation systems the key component, because positional information from these systems is integrated into the ITS applications. The main benefit of the deployment of systems and services in terms of social benefits is to increase safety and reliability of transport.



ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

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