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GUF Workshop

is the Czech initiative involving the end-users of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications. The main organizer is the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.Through these workshops GUF participants share professional discussions with European institutions responsible for the development of satellite navigation - the European Commission, European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

GUF workshop objectives

These workshops are designed to formulate common standpoints and recommendations to end-users, which should be taken into account in the development of satellite navigation systems and their implementation in practice.
The main objectives of the workshops are not only a presentations of current trends and technical capabilities of satellite systems for specific regions, but also defining the needs and requirements of end users for future GNSS satellite navigation systems, primarily for the future European system Galileo. These discussions help to define requirements and improvements for future services guaranteed by Galileo, which the current satellite navigation systems do not provide.

GUF workshops themes in general

Although most GNSS applications find its place in transportation, the Ministry of Transport also monitors adjacent sectors, which represent considerable potential of global navigation satellite system market.

Upcoming workshop GUF: 

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Already held GUF workshops and their topics:

You can find on our websites in the section Actions or on respective links:

  • Workshop GUF -„GNSS services for E-mobility and Smart Grids“
    11th June 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, more here.
  • Workshop GUF -„GNSS services for people with limited mobility or orientation“
    20th September 2013, Ostrava, Czech Republic, more here.
  • Workshop GUF - "GNSS for Optimising Logistic"
    14th March 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, more here.
  • Workshop GUF - Crisis Management
    18th September 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, more here.
  • GNSS spatial data collection for mapping
    14th June 2011, Prague, the Czech republic, more here.
  • Safer railways via GNSS
    25th November 2010 - Brussels, Belgium, more here.
  • Workshop GUF - Benefits of Satellite Navigation for Urban Mobility
    2nd June 2010 - Brussels, Belgium, more here.
  • GNSS for in-vehicle and co-operative systems and for the Enhancing Road Safety
    17th February 2010 - Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic.
  • Workshop GUF - EGNOS & Civil Aviation
    3 December 2009 - Prague House in Brussels
  • Agriculture Workshop GUF
    15th July 2009 - Prague House in Brussels
  • Workshop GUF - Galileo for Railways
    12th October 2008 - Dresden (Germany)


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