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National Space Plan 2010

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National Space Plan

was discussed and approved by the government Committee for the EU on 3rd May 2010 (Resolution of the government Committee for the EU from May 3, 2010, No. 14). It represents the plan for the development of Czech industries and academia and their integration into the international space community. The main purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of Czech industries and its technological and innovative level.

National Space Plan was prepared by the Ministry of Transport in accordance with the tasks set in paragraphs II.2 and II.3 of the resolution of the governmental Committee for EU as of April 2008, No. 15, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Government Commissioner for the nomination for the seat of the GSA agency.

Material was also continuously discussed with other government bodies, academia, Czech industry and other relevant stakeholders.

Detailed implementation plan of the National Space Plan will be processesed by Ministry of Transport in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Trade and Industry by 31 December 2010.

National Space Plan provides a basis for future progress in the Czech space sector, the focus of its space activities and for decisions on participation in European and international projects. Proposes ways and measures to maximize return on investment of public funds and constitutes the basis for further decisions.

By the approval of the National Space Plan the Czech Republic ranks among the States, which concider space activities as an opportunity for the growth of their national economy. The Czech Republic's involvement in space activities determines its position within the international community of states, especially among the most technologically advanced countries of Europe and the world, and strenghtens the position of Czech entities in international competition, i.e. in the international competitive environment.

National Space Plan, PDF format, you can find here

National Space Plan - summary
National Space Plan - full version 

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