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The headquarters of GSA will seat in Prague

Photo: MDCR

The Council of EU confirmed that the administrative center of the Galileo navigation system (GSA) will be based in Prague. Moving to Prague from Brussels should should be finished in the second half of 2012. Moving main bodies of this institution will not limit its performance in any way.

GSA (European GNSS Agency) is the regulatory body of the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) programmes. GSA provides security accreditation and security operations for Galileo central monitoring system. GSA is also responsible for marketing and commercialization of Galileo and EGNOS systems and  in particular contributes to the preparation of the system for the market, market analysis and promotion of applications and services in the market in the area of  satellite navigation. GSA also performs tasks related to the certification of the system and its individual components


The reasons that counted for Prague:

Prague (Closer than you think)

  • Beautiful and safe
  • Top living conditions
  • Located in the heart of Europe
  • Excellent congress and conference capacities

The Czech Republic (Passion for space)

  • Long tradition of space research and industry
  • Member of the European Space Agency since 2008

The Building (Waiting for the GSA)

  • Excellent location in the city centre
  • Rental of 1€ for the first five years
  • Meeting highest security standards
  • Ready for the GSA to move in

Here you can find the link to up-to-date presentations on this topic:


Ing.  Karel Dobeš

Government commissioner for Galileo and European GNSS Agency 
e-mail: karel dobes@mdcr.cz



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