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Working party on Space

Establishment of the Working Party on Space

In accordance with the Lisbon Treaty, the issue of Space was excluded from the framework of Council for Competitiveness. In the Czech Republic this issue will come under the gestion of the Ministry of Transport. In the framework of EU Council was necessary to create an appropriate structure to complement the classical system for dealing with these questions. For this reason, the Working Party on Space has been established. Its first meeting was held on 11th November 2010 in Brussels.

The main point of the meeting was focused on the preparation of the Space Council, which subsequently took place on 25th November 2010 in Brussels. Working Party on Space, above all, aimed to finalize the text of Resolution of the EU Council and the ESA Council at ministerial level, entitled "Global Challenges: Taking full benefit of European Space Systems." Some member states made reserves to the resolution text, which were not withdrawn even after the discussion in the Working Party on Space framework.

Other items on the agenda were the presentation of the "Integrated Industrial Policy for the era of globalization and Competitiveness and sustainability in the spotlight" and the outlook for the year 2011 in the framework of GMES and the European Commission.

At the end of the Working Party on Space session  Hungarian representative, who expressed the will of the Hungarian presidency to establish a Working Party on Space, which should be called three or four times during the first half of 2011. Subsequently, the Portuguese representative gave a short report on the adoption of a strategic document "Africa and GMES"


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