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Space Council session on 25th November 2010

On 25th November 2010 in Brussels, the session of Space Council took place in the framework of Council on Competitiveness meeting. Negotiations were moderated jointly by the the Belgian Minister for SMEs, agricultural and scientific policy, Mrs Ms Sabine LARUELLE (on behalf of Council on Competitiveness)  and at ministerial level, Giuseppe's Pizza, Italian Minister for Education, University and Research (on behalf of the ESA Council) The meeting was also attended by Mr. Antonio Tajani, EC Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry and Mr Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA's Director General.

The Czech Republic delegation was represented by Ambassador of the Czech Republic Jana Reinišová, the Ministry of Transport was represented by Mrs Blanka Kosinova, Director of Space technologies and satellite systems department and Mr. Karel Dobes, government commissioner for the Czech Republic's candidacy for the location of the GSA seat.

The main point of the programme was discussion and adoption of a resolution entitled "Global Challenges: Taking full benefit of European Space Systems." The member states delegations supported the text of the resolution and stressed the priority of the GMES and Galileo, the need of their successful completion, including the guarantee of sufficient financial resources and underlined the role of industrial strategy for the universe encourage in the commercial use, coordination of different actors, continuity, transparency and simplicity of the process, the potentials of space activities for Europe's competitiveness, the continuity in the EU's Strategy 2020, collaboration with all international partners and the need for a common European position towards an international partners.

In the section "Miscellaneous" the Belgian Presidency reported on the outcomes of the Ministerial Conference on Space Exploration, which was held on 21 October 2010 in Brussels. Stressed the need to continue in discussion on a common vision and strategic plan for European participation in international space activities and to define future priorities (Galileo, GMES, International Space Station, space transportation, etc.) and better coordination and information exchange. She confirmed that the International Space Station (ISS) should be open for cooperation to other countries that will be interested to participate in this unique research project of interest across disciplines.

The Belgian Presidency also reported on the conference "Space for African Citizen", held on 16th September 2010 in Brussels. The objective of collaboration in EU-Africa project lies in the use of space systems for environmental and emergency safety systems of Africa.

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